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Just passing through Kings Cross I thought I’d take a look at the new station concourse. Its a very impressive structure and has used the space between the west side of the station and the Great Northern Hotel very well.
New Kings Cross station concourse
At the south west end of the concourse (actually on the walls of the Great Northern Hotel) was one of the exhibitions being held by the London Festival of Photography. This consists of 18 exhibitions and 30 events during June 2012.
London Festival of Photography poster
There were a substantial number of photographs taken mostly in the streets, but some were also taken in galleries or at events. Two that I quite liked were these:
Anally retentive photography perhaps?
Clearly they have a strong element of amusement, but also are examples of the somewhat fortunate opportunities that occur from time to time for photographers. That is being in the right place at the right time! By the way is the man in the picture above photographing the horse’s gonads? Perhaps he wishes to compare with his own? Well there’s nothing wrong with comparison, but in terms of the length of the, shall we say protuberances, this man is going to find he’ll need a bit of stretching or a major operation in order to get even!
This man's hair seems to have had a bad Turner!

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