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d300n - Existential Photography Competition

Competition? About Existential Photography? Yes, why not!
Actually its a competition that has ended – but one which I’ve just discovered. (perhaps this is the gist of all ends having a new beginning LOL)
Digital Photography Review has just run a competition: The existential photographer – reveal yourself.
Digital Photographer says of its competition “Without a meaning the photos are nothing but pixels. The photographer projects himself/herself in the picture to create a meaning. The viewers again create a meaning through their own lenses of prejudice, judgement and memory. In the end what we find that existence of a photo is always particular, unique and individual.”
Sum great pics to be seen on DP’s website, including this one that I think is great:
Self portrait with large parabolic mirror at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, by Dutch photographer pottenbakker
Taken by Dutch photographer ‘Pottenbakker,’ the text says “Picture taken in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is a reflection of me in a large parabolic mirror made of tiny pieces of glass.”
Some brief stats of pic: Nikon D700, 28 mm, 1/30 sec, F6.3, 6400.

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