Contact: I don’t encourage correspondence by email or that sort of thing. This is because I have learning disabilities and have had people try to exploit my weaknesses. Invariably I have to bring others in to sort the mess. If anyone want to ask me something they’ll have to do it via the comments sections below.

Who am I? I am a disabled, deaf and autistic guy.

Yes! Run away like mad – like everyone else does! Cry in tears and say ‘he’s not f**king normal….’

Yes, I’m unemployed, f**king lazy, contrived, and do absolutely nothing day in and day out. Not one single contribution to be made to society. Who wants us disabled acting as normal citizens and making a contribution to society?

And the reason for having a blog? Well I wanted to piss people off. ‘You a blogger? Ha ha you’re f**king stupid!’ It works – other bloggers hate me and wish I would disappear because I don’t fit into their cherished categories of what a blogger should look like, how they should act and the kinda stuff they should write.

Some of you might be thinking, how dare we become bloggers. Exactly! Its a world designed for normal thinking hearing speaking abled significantly cognitive people. That’s why practically every blogger you meet and every vlogger you meet or know is normal! And more importantly – they’re nice – because they don’t have disabilities.

Have you ever seen a newsreader with one arm? One who is blind? Deaf? In a wheelchair? Thought not! We are the face of the public the public does not even wish to see in public……

32 thought on “About”
  1. Bonjour
    You made me laugh – not an easy thing for a grumpy old man – and you have some truly great pictures – wheres the ‘Like Everything’ button.

  2. 1st London Blog
    Greatly appreciate your enlightening work
    Grove Rd power station, recalled well: actually owned by Central Electricity Supply Co, not METESCO. Both used Peachey & Reilly, architects, hence the misunderstanding?
    Sean H

    1. Thanks for the comments. St Johns Wood had two power stations hence the confusion. Have amended the offending article πŸ™‚

      1. Hey London Blog,
        Yes ofcourse that is no problem!
        Are you able to send us through the high res?
        Let me know.

  3. There’s always someone complaining, but I keep coming back to this blog as I learn so much about the not so well known aspects and history of London.
    Plus the writing and photos are great. Don’t believe the trolls and haters!

  4. What a discovery and a delightful revelation your blog is! I should have turned in long ago but can’t stop reading. Sorry you had a spat with DG today. A disappointing response on his part. Typical neurotypical! πŸ™‚

  5. This blog is great – and your bio above could have been written about me (except I’m not deaf, I just choose not to listen to other people a lot). Keep up the good work. You manage to say, and present, so much interesting stuff you really can’t find elsewhere. Working my way back through the archives…

    1. There was a considerable attack on the blog sometime back thus I disabled the RSS etc. Had forgot all about it!

  6. I was pleased to read about the LT Cablecar model, most informative and supportive of my own research.

  7. I have just been walking with a friend past Arnos Park viaduct. I was very interested to read on your blog that it is the largest viaduct on the Underground network actually built by London Underground. I think it is a lovely structure and a great enhancement to Arnos Park. I think you have some great pictures of it too. I have one or two pictures of it on google maps.

  8. Great article on Gamages, beautifully written. A store I was privileged to visit at the age of about 7 back in the 50s. The memory has remained. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! Glad to know my output isn’t as bad as I thought it was. Thanks once again πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t really have what one could call projects. I just sort of see whats ahead (or whats currently happening) and then try to produce something of interest.

  10. Dear blogger
    I am working on an historical compilation of the SA Railways and would like to include a couple of images on your website.
    It will be used for educational purposes and posted on a discussion group on facebook.
    All credits and acknowledgements will be included.
    Your consideration will be appreciated.

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