Flat pack store built for ITV's popular Mr Selfridge

selfridges - Flat pack store built for ITV's popular Mr Selfridge

The popular TV series Mr Selfridge has everyone watching in awe. The re-creation of the famous Oxford Street store is perhaps one of the programme’s biggest assets. The exterior of the store has been faithfully recreated down to the last detail – in CGI of course!
However something seemed seriously wrong with the series’ re-creation of the Selfridges store…
London’s Selfridges on its opening day in 1909 – showing clearly the stepped windows descending towards Duke Street. (Full pic here)
It eventually dawned the real Selfridges is built on a hill, whilst the TV series’ example is on an absolute level.
Above & below: Clips from the series showing the ‘Flat pack’ Selfridges
To cap it all the entire sets were re-created in hilly Neasden. Hence a strange anomaly exists in which a real London store – sited on an incline – is re-created on a flat level in a hilly part of London!
Clearly Selfridge’s store is built on a slope!
The store’s windows at the Bond Street end are double the height of those on the Marble Arch side!

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