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Luna TMG - Autism photographers round-up (1)

Autism photographers round-up (1)

A look at photographers who have ASD’s (autism or asperger’s) following on from my lengthy interview with Patrick Welch some months ago.
First is SallyM_1976 – loads of lovely pictures of iconic British steam railways. Not just for steam buffs though, she has lots of other pictures including wildlife. Here’s one example of her great photography:
SallyM 1976 - Autism photographers round-up (1)
The Happy Aspie is another noted photographer. From the USA, she has an amazing variety of subjects including some great portraiture in both colour and black & white.
The Happy Aspie - Autism photographers round-up (1)
The Happy Aspie
Luna TMG is from France. Her compositions are really great. There’s beautiful creativity in her work. Her work is more of an arts genre than photography, nevertheless still one of my favourite in this selection.
Luna TMG - Autism photographers round-up (1)
Luna TMG
Just Frames from Denmark has a range of work that is fascinating. Colour portraits which stand out (its not an easy thing to do!) and compositions of unusual subjects. I love the little blue man, which is Just Frames’ signature symbol.
Just frames - Autism photographers round-up (1)
Just Frames
Part Two of Autism photographers round-up

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