IMG 8105 - Telecom tower from Charlotte Street, W1

IMG 8105 - Telecom tower from Charlotte Street, W1
On the way home from an autism meeting yesterday evening I took this view of the Telecom Tower in Central London

5 thought on “Telecom tower from Charlotte Street, W1”
  1. I’m a professional photographer and I’m really impressed by this shot. I wonder just how many people have walked past this spot and not seen the potential of this image!!
    Stuart Hall

    1. You’re welcome! I have just seen your new image which I also like. This is an interesting contrast between 19th (or, possible earlier?) and 20th Century architecture and a careful composition with the tree branches taking care of an empty area of sky. Incidentally, my father took me to the top of what was then the G.P.O. Telephone Tower only a year or two after its opening to the public and I also remember seeing the hole blasted in its side by an I.R.A. bomb blast in 1973! Stuart.

  2. Thanks again for the comments! I would add that the images include 21st century architecutre too. The whole area south of the tower has been comprehensively redeveloped in the past few years, one building has a clever array of pipes and glass work on the outside that makes it look like a beetle climbing the sides 🙂
    I went up the tower several times too, including the first year it opened. I do remember it being built too we had an aunt who lived in a flat at King’s Cross where from the top great views of London could be seen and the tower’s progress was regularly observed as well as regularly visiting the area with my parents and looking up to see this strange building being constructed. Rog

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