The  Folly revisited

IMG 3068 - The  Folly revisited

IMG 3068 - The  Folly revisited
Crocker’s Folly, in London’s NW8 district just off Edgware Road, W2, has been in the news. Many plaudits have been given for the restoration of the building by the Maroush Group, who has several restaurants in the more exclusive parts of Edgware Road. The Evening Standard published a full spread on the pub on 20th November.

Crocker's Folly in Evening Standard

Crocker’s Folly in Evening Standard

Crockers' Twitter account

Crockers’ Twitter account

Crocker’s Folly Twitter account
Its very nice to see all this happening, yet not one single word about the Regent’s Canal, as if it never existed.
Surely tourists who visit the canal is where a substantial amount of patronage could come from?

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