The walls of Maida

MG 3978 - The walls of Maida

Maida Avenue (formerly Maida Hill West) not far from London’s Edgware Road is perhaps most well known for its residents (including Arthur Lowe, Michael Bond, Dave Gilmour, Earl Spencer) and of course the boats on the Regent’s Canal.
It’s walls and fences are perhaps not so well known, here’s some examples:
MG 3978 - The walls of Maida
Tops of railings along the canal that look like mummies or soldiers.
MG 3995 - The walls of Maida
Numbers and curves by Park Place Villas
MG 4024 - The walls of Maida
Iron gate and fencing at the Apostolic church
MG 4032 - The walls of Maida
Railings denoting the servants’ entrance (eg the downstairs) at Number 5. One of the few surviving examples of this kind in London.
MG 7686 - The walls of Maida
Some very lovely wiggly, indeed wonky, walls can be seen along the avenue!
MG 7677 - The walls of Maida

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