The St Pancras pianos

Guy from You Tube is Davide Mozart on keyboards at St Pancras station. The station’s pianos are an attraction in themselves. There’s several sited around the station concourses. Here’s the official webpage.
Davide Mozart has his own You Tube channel, here’s one featuring a rhapsody on the St Pancras pianos.
IMG 9820 - The St Pancras pianos
Two views of Davide on the St Pancras piano, 27 August 2015.
IMG 9827 - The St Pancras pianos
IMG 9823 - The St Pancras pianos
Davide with his You Tube advert on the piano.
IMG 9846 - The St Pancras pianos
A great shot of David from the upper level at St Pancras 🙂
IMG 9813 - The St Pancras pianos
I dont know who the other guy on the other piano was the same day I took the pics of Davide. Judging by the people this guy drew he was an adept pianist too 🙂

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