gpstube2 1 - The Great Portland Street walk

The news has been abound with reports of TfL’s new tube walking map, which shows distances between tube stations in terms of walking times.
The usual walking alternatives such as Paddington-Lancaster Gate,  Aldgate-Aldgate East and others come up again and again (Standard 11th Nov 2015)
However few ever discuss conundrums such as Great Portland Street on the Circle, Hammersmith & Metropolitan lines.
This station is in such a position that it can be easier to reach at least four other tube stations within a few minutes.

gpstube2 - The Great Portland Street walk
Great Portland Street on a traditional tube map – the adjoining stations look far apart!

Here are the stats:

Great Portland Street to Regents Park is just two minutes walk. By tube it involves a substantial walk at the interchange point in Baker Street and two stops altogether. That’s probably 20 minutes!
Great Portland Street to Warren Street is probably four minutes, depending on whether one’s a brisk walker or not. Taking the tube involves four stations and another substantial walk via the interchange at Kings Cross. Another 20 minutes or so lost!

gpstube - The Great Portland Street walk
Great Portland Street shown on one of the recent more representative tube maps

Great Portland Street to Goodge Street is possibly 15 minutes brisk walking. Much better however than the tube which involves at least two changes (one at King’s Cross with substantial walking.) The means here is the same as the one for Warren Street discussed above, except there one then changes to the Northern Line for the one stop onward to Goodge Street. We are looking at perhaps 25 to 30 minutes here.
Great Portland Street to Oxford Circus is a brisk saunter down the road of the same name. Its a fair walk but its still doable in about 15 minutes or less. Again the ‘quickest’ way by tube is to go via Baker Street and then the Bakerloo to Oxford Circus (3 stops and one lengthy interchange) so we are looking at say 20-25 minutes here.
When one considers the further options such as Euston and Tottenham Court Road, even Baker Street or Bond Street, again walking seems the best option. Yes one can take the tube to Euston Square and then walk, but as one can also see Euston Square from Great Portland Street, its clearly not that far off – and walking saves the hassle of descending, ascending steps, taking the tube, and then walking practically half the same distance again between Euston Square and Euston stations 🙂
Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road are just that little bit further on from Goodge Street and Oxford Circus, and so on.
When one is armed with a bit of London street knowledge, the tube simply becomes a long distance tool!

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