30 years ago the wooden structures at the tube stations on the western end of the Central Line were painted in blue colours! Here’s a couple of pictures to prove it!

East Acton in blue! 26 June 1987

East Acton 19 June 2016. The lamposts remain, the clock’s been moved and the trees behind have grown.
This garish blue seen at East Acton appears to be an aspiration for a new London Transport corporate ID at the time. New tube signage at the time was also done in the same colour. Thankfully it didnt last very long!

North Acton in more sedate colours! 26 June 1987.

North Acton 19 June 2016. The wooden shelter no longer exists.
The 1987 pictures were taken before the line was tripled to the junction with the Ruislip branch. The clip shown from citytransportinfo’s film was taken from the nearby road bridge and shows where the extra eastbound track would eventually be placed:

North Acton station 4th Oct 1990 – Source: citytransportinfo

The stations were built by the Central London Railway between 1920-1923.
In 1987 the footbridge at North Acton was grey, by 1990 a muddy brown colour, and today its blue! 🙂

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