IMG 6761 1 - The Night Tube's first nite

London Underground staff give their thumbs up to the new service

IMG 6752 - The Night Tube's first nite

The first night of London’s #Nighttube, most of the activity took place on the Central Line platforms at Oxford Circus, this was clearly the busiest station on the Night Tube (by decree of being the only interchange between the two lines that were running) where most of the media were although a handful of the media were seen on the Victoria Line platforms doing interviews.

IMG 6845 - The Night Tube's first nite

A couple of gals just after they had given a TV interview at Oxford Circus station.

IMG 6810 - The Night Tube's first nite

The BTP were out in force, Oxford Circus had about 10 of them. At one point I counted 12 BTP officers at Victoria tube station.

IMG 6880 - The Night Tube's first nite

Most of their night was just helping out, making sure things were ok.

IMG 6865 - The Night Tube's first nite

Guy gives me the thumbs up and I thumbs up back while the BTP look on.

Despite Sadiq Khan starting off the first #Nighttube train from Brixton at 12.34am, Victoria tube station was almost empty in those minutes leading up to that first train.
Many of the Central London stations had barely any passengers, staff and police patrols at these stations were clearly in greater numbers! Some of the staff said it was much quieter than expected.

IMG 6806 - The Night Tube's first nite

King’s Cross were a complete ghost station. So much quieter than even late at night! Others included Bond Street and Marble Arch with barely anyone using them.

IMG 6872 - The Night Tube's first nite

I dont know who the guy was gawping, hawking, and laughing over the police and the distressed woman. He certainly was not related in any way to the woman as I observed him travelling west alone on a Central Line train from Oxford Circus quite soon after.

IMG 6917 - The Night Tube's first nite

The highlight of the night? The dog at Oxford Circus – a fantastic picture 🙂

IMG 6915 - The Night Tube's first nite

The dog’s owner gives a thumbs up to the Night Tube

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