South Kensington station remodelling – a joke?

SthKenplans2016 1 - South Kensington station remodelling - a joke?

Plans are afoot for the remodelling of South Kensington tube station. See Ian Visits for full details.
These include a revitalised platform (this is the disused platform on the north side), new staircases, lifts etc.
There will be provision for improved access to the South Kensington subway. For the first time disabled people will be able to get into both the station environs and the subway via a lift and a ramp.
Thats just absolutely great!
The only problem is the plans are extremely short on innovation!
SthKenplans2016 - South Kensington station remodelling - a joke?
As the above diagram shows South Kensington’s subway will indeed have a ramp  from the main ticket hall.
The diagram comes from the South Kensington Station consultive working group. I have cleaned it up to show the new lift from Thurloe Street and the new stairs/ramp into the subway from the ticket hall more clearly.
How do TfL propose that disabled people get out of the subway at the other end?There isnt a lift or a ramp at any of the other subway exits in Exhibition Road!
Its quite possible a new access point could be made via the Victoria & Albert museum. The problem there then is when the museum is closed, what does one do?
IMG 0495 - South Kensington station remodelling - a joke?
The only possibility for another disability friendly access point from the subway is the V&A.
It seems to me one does nothing and South Kensington tube will be shown as one of those stations on the tube map that offers full disability access, when its in fact half a job done!

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