London's house in the clouds

IMG 4867 - London's house in the clouds

This one is REALLY in the clouds!
Centre Point needs a ‘house’ to enable further modifications to the structure. Its the highest ‘house’ I have ever seen in London!
The Centre Point structure has been up for a couple of months, however from some perspectives it looks quite like a house, and makes Britain’s real House in the Clouds look quite small. Compare the Suffolk house’s height of 70ft (21.3m) with Centre Point’s 385ft (117m.)
The top of the Centre Point ‘house’ must be well above the 385ft/117m height for the top of the building so must soar 400ft or more (122m) above London’s streets.
There really isnt any competition here however. That at Thorpeness is so much nicer to look at 🙂

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