A man in Bond Street (and others elsewhere)

google2 - A man in Bond Street (and others elsewhere)

Google’s image algorithms are so efficient cows’ faces get blurred in addition to people & car numbers!
But what’s this?
Google’s street view catches a window cleaner full at work on a Bond Street balcony. At first I assumed he might be a house breaker but a check shows he has a window cleaner’s spongee.
I dont suppose he actually minds Google didnt blur his face? It’s a job thats quite public anyway.
Does Google’s algorithm only work at street level thus failing privacy promises? Checking along the remainder of Bond Street itself (both ‘old’ and ‘new’) everyone else’s faces are blurred as long as their faces are towards the camera, hence street view is doing a good job – or is it?
I’ve looked at other streets and especially the upper decks of buses and all these have blurred faces… but its not a perfect job every-time. Here’s a bus in Oxford Street not far from Bond Street, with eight faces on an advert and only the middle six blurred. How odd!
Near Bond Street is a 98 bus whose large advert didnt have the one face blurred – cos its Dwayne Johnson? But what about the other advert? At least two passengers on the lower deck are unmasked.
Opposite this 98 bus was a woman walking by James Street with her face clear for others to see. I suppose the technology isnt perfect and Google relies on sharp eyed observers to report issues.
Opposite I found a bearded man’s face unblurred. There’s a mother with her son, her face is unmasked too.
Other anomalies were found – crossing over Oxford Street by Duke Street south is a woman’s face thats not blurred. Its surprising so many faces in a such small area around Oxford Street/Bond Street are affected. What’s more is these are Google’s current street views!
Its remarkable the technology can blur entire numbers of faces within dense crowds yet miss out on the examples I have shown.

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