IMG 9072 1 - Northern Line mash-up

The Northern Line’s first night tube stint was heralded with a series of train describer errors.
It seems the line’s controllers at Coburg Street were caught unprepared when things started playing up. I’m not sure what the problem was as it settled after about 30 minutes but am certain it was to do with the computer transitioning from the normal timetable to an all night schedule.
The problem began at about 00.12am. Until that point the last few daytime trains via both Bank and Charing Cross had been correctly shown.
IMG 9058 - Northern Line mash-up
A real mixture at Mornington Crescent! First train ‘Not in Service’. The next a proper Morden train!
The last few day time trains disappeared from the indicators and no night trains were shown. CX trains to Morden were shown as ‘terminating’ at Mornington Crescent where they were re-described as ‘Not in Service’!
Bank branch trains were shown as ‘Not in Service’ at Camden. At Euston they became ‘Terminates Here.’
IMG 9062 - Northern Line mash-up
Trains via Charing Cross shown as terminating at Mornington Crescent! This one is the 00.23.
Many trains were supplemented by blank indicators. In some cases the trains were reported as ‘Not in Service’ when they arrived. The indicators then reverted to blank status. Just as the trains were to depart the ‘Not in Service’ popped up on the indicators once again.
IMG 9067 - Northern Line mash-up
The 00.24 via Bank – Nothing showing on indicator.
IMG 9068 - Northern Line mash-up
00.24 via Bank – still nothing showing.
IMG 9069 - Northern Line mash-up
00.24 via Bank – Once the right-away is given the indicators flashed ‘Not in Service’ briefly.
IMG 9072 - Northern Line mash-up
The 00.24 ex Camden – now the 00.27 from Euston – shown as terminating here! The sequence was the same as for ‘Not in Service.’ Upon arriving at Euston the indicators showed ‘Terminates Here.’ Once the train stopped the indicators went blank. On the right-away ‘Terminates Here’ popped up again! The platform staff looked a bit exasperated.
IMG 9074 - Northern Line mash-up
The master indicator at Euston station – no CX trains & a few northbound Bank trains missing.
Returning to Camden from platform 1, I photographed the full indicator sequence playing out.
IMG 9076 - Northern Line mash-up
The 00.33 reported as not in service.
IMG 9078 - Northern Line mash-up
The 00.33 is in service and for Edgware!
IMG 9079 - Northern Line mash-up
Indicator still shows ‘Not in Service’ as the train draws to a stop.
(There wasn’t any problems advertising the new night tube service however!)
IMG 9080 - Northern Line mash-up
As soon as the train stopped the indicators cleared to blank.
IMG 9081 - Northern Line mash-up
Soon as the line was clear for 00.33 the indicators flashed up ‘Not in Service’ briefly.
IMG 9083 - Northern Line mash-up
At Camden northbound trains’ destinations from this point in time are finally shown correctly.
IMG 9087 - Northern Line mash-up
Three Morden trains within a minute of each other! Probably 00.28, 00.34, 00.39, running late.
The 02.19 from Camden which I travelled on, didnt stop properly at Mornington Crescent. It arrived in the platform, and after a few seconds moved off without having opened its doors! Reason not known. Quite a few M.C. people were left to wait 10 minutes for the next train. No such issue was encountered at Euston or the other stations.
On another note, between 03.00 and 04.00 am the Central Line was observed running a 20 minute service westbound instead of the advertised 10 minutes.

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