München Looping 2

IMG 9886 - München Looping 2
Here’s a second set of Munchen Looping pictures!
IMG 9645 - München Looping 2
Equipment used: Canon 7d with Tamron 18-270 lens
IMG 9728 - München Looping 2
ISO used was 1600-2500, mostly at 2000. ISO 1600 is generally my preferred maximum.
IMG 9747 - München Looping 2
Shutter speeds ranged from 1/60 to 1/250.
IMG 9750 - München Looping 2
The Canon 7d, being quite old in terms of camera technology, is not so good when using high ISO.
IMG 9778a - München Looping 2
Obviously with a Canon 70D, 80D, or 5D (mk3/4) or a Nikon D500, D750, D810, the newer technology would have meant better pictures due to improved ISO rendering and dynamic range.
IMG 9786 - München Looping 2
All these pictures were taken 23rd November 2016.
IMG 9794 - München Looping 2
I’ll try some more and see what sort of results I get.
IMG 9806 - München Looping 2
I tried a different workflow to keep the image quality and improve the dynamic range.
IMG 9833OL - München Looping 2
The normal processing methods could not cope with the amount of almost pure black background, so I had to change most of the images to a more gray background in order to reduce the amount of noise visible.
IMG 9873 - München Looping 2

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