St James' Christmas Tree

DSC 0621 - St James' Christmas Tree

For the first time this year, a xmas tree has been provided at St James’ at Waterloo Place near the junction with the Pall Mall. There’s been hardly any publicity about it. Not even the local London news, the Standard or noted blogs such as Londonist have mentioned this tree.
DSC 0604 - St James' Christmas Tree
The attractive tree took up residence at the bottom of Regent Street (St James’) on 17th November 2016 (same day as Regent Street lights switch-on.)
DSC 0621 - St James' Christmas Tree
Many think it was gifted by the St James’ Sofitel Hotel. Its actually from the Crown Estates (who provide the main Regent Street lights too) – which means the Queen provided the tree – indirectly of course 🙂

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