Crystal Palace Gliding Railway – revisited

DSC 2282 1 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited

Last October I wrote about this railway that once ran alongside the Crystal Palace:
blogoct31 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited
The line’s location was on the upper terrace from near the main entrance to where the sphinxes are.
DSC 2315 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited
The train would have run past the first pair of sphinxes as shown in the next view.
DSC 2282 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited
Louis Dominique Girard’s Gliding Railway clearly had an honour of being the only one to run on the Crystal Palace terraces. Other rail systems that have been built were put in the main part of the park further down.
I wrote about the railway in October 2016.
The thousands who came to Crystal Palace to view or ride these skating trains in April 1891 were not to know this was the last ever successful demonstration of this unique railway. It was intended as a springboard for future commercial ventures involving high speed lines in the United States.
The railway’s next incarnation became a white elephant at the World’s Columbian Exposition Fair in Chicago – an almost fully completed but non-working line – a massively expensive failure.
Technological limitations, costs and the lack of necessary skills were amongst the factors that prevented Louis Girard’s gliding railway moving forward into the future….
I wrote about the Sliding Railway’s failures in November 2016.

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