Jerry's Drums & Band

Jerry with his colleagues by Waterstones in Trafalgar Square.
DSC 5864 - Jerry's Drums & Band
Jerry is a specialist session drummer, whose job is creating drum sounds and tempos. Occasionally he can be found on the busking circuit along with his mates, and they make a great band. No vocals, just live, pure jam session music.
DSC 5865 - Jerry's Drums & Band
Jerry’s Official Website
DSC 5871 - Jerry's Drums & Band
DSC 5876 - Jerry's Drums & Band  DSC 5882 - Jerry's Drums & Band
Guy with pipe clearly enjoying the band’s performance.
DSC 5885 - Jerry's Drums & Band
Thumbs up for the photographer! 🙂
DSC 5896 - Jerry's Drums & Band
The band – and a view of the square.
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