dlrsml 1 - Dockland Railway's New Colours

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the DLR.
I wasn’t marking it as didn’t think I had anything to write on it. However looking at the new DLR map, seems it should be:
1) Deep Lime Railway (the new dark green.)
2) Dainty Lime Railway (that would be the lighter colour of green!)
3) Doubtly Lime Railway (the one that’s more like a faded turquoise)
dlrnewmap 1 - Dockland Railway's New Colours
New DLR map & guide – Source: TfL
So it would be for example, passengers for Bank or Lewisham – please take the deep lime green trains.
Beckton to Bank/Tower Gateway that’s the dainty lime ones you need to use.
Thoese heading from Bank/Stratford to Woolwich Arsenal, well its gotta be the doubtly lime green trains you want, but there’s no doubt you are in quite safe hands even though we don’t have train drivers 🙂
What about the fact that Bank has two of these colours serving it – the deep and dainty? Simples! You take the train that is dainty (the little driverless one) that goes deep underground in tunnels. BOTH of these go through LIMEHOUSE! And it’s only the deep green trains that touch GREENWICH so there will be no doubt which line you’re travelling on!
If somehow you aim for Greenwich or Lewisham from Limehouse but instead go on to Beckton, there’s only one answer – your’re royally screwed!

One thought on “Dockland Railway's New Colours

  1. I really don’t know what the designers were thinking with this map*. It’s like what happened when Harold F. Hutchinson believed he came up with the best ever version of the Tube Map in 1960 which was universally derided.
    (* okay, DIAGRAM)
    It seems they wanted to make it as deliberately complicated-looking as possible to make the network look bigger than it is, rather than attempt to make it as simple-looking as possible to help the travelling public.
    I’ve been campaigning to DLR for better maps/diagrams for years and even submitted proposals, none of which have taken their interest.

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