King's Cross 'green lanes' – update 2

DSC 0792sml 1 - King's Cross 'green lanes' - update 2

King’s Cross at a much quieter period today -one can see all the new notices placed on the walls along the platforms – even on the opposite wall where the adverts are. These were put up overnight 1/2nd August 2017.
These say “No waiting in the green lane.”
DSC 0785 - King's Cross 'green lanes' - update 2
New warning sign on platform wall at the top end of the green lanes.
DSC 0788 - King's Cross 'green lanes' - update 2
Signs on the far side of the tracks. These are carefully placed opposite the green boxes.
TfL are intent on ensuring people understand the new green lanes scheme as fully as possible.
DSC 0796 - King's Cross 'green lanes' - update 2
Just one person seems to be observing the rule. Two others can be seen ‘offside.’ The others are on the move. How many really take notice of the signs on the opposite wall?
Its been said the scheme will be extended to cover the entire platform, not just two thirds as it does now.

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