I featured the night tube several times last year, including its first night, and today is the first anniversary of its beginnings on the Central and Victoria Lines, 19th August 2016.
Here are some pictures from that very first night. Most have not been published before. All taken in the early hours of Saturday morning, 20th August 2016 to about 3.30am.

Woman loses her shoe on the first southbound night service from Victoria to Brixton.

Oxford Circus – all go on the Central platforms where the entire media could be found!

The media seemingly displeased at my photographing them doing their job!

The night tube roundels were popular with the media.

Busy Central Line westbound platform as passengers alight from an Ealing Broadway train.
Two very contrasting scenes. Goading the media on the Central platforms. Smoochie time on the s/b Victoria.

The Victoria wasnt as busy as the Central that first weekend of night tube services.

Sort of busy carriage on n/b Victoria, not like the crowds these days when the night tube runs.

On the first day of night tube services King’s Cross was practically a ghost station!

Oxford Circus Central Line w/b. Train halted half-way along the platform due to obstruction on tracks.

Friendly travellers having a banter with BTP, the guy gave me a thumbs up. Thats me thumbing up back!

Photographers from the media busy grabbing anything of note for the day’s headlines.

TfL Roads & street guy (yes seriously, he wasnt a tube rep!) speaking to the media at Oxford Circus.

For some it was perhaps a bit too much. Best doze off those twenty minutes until the next Hainault train arrives!

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