The Night Tube – First anniversary nite

One year ago the Night Tube officially began on 19 August 2016, though strictly services began in the early hours of the 20th August.
Here are some pictures I took on the night of 19/20 August 2017 to commemorate that very first year. These were taken between 11.45pm and 01.30am.

Man with guitar egged on by passengers to do an impromptu performance on the Victoria Line!

Passengers cheering, clapping, during the impromptu performance.
I dont know how long this had gone on(maybe since King’s Cross or Euston) I picked up the train at Oxford Circus and the man got off at Victoria hurriedly, assuming he needed to catch a train.

Can I be in your photograph mate?
As is quite usual, other passengers also want their photograph taken, never mind the fact I am trying to get a nice shot of the guitarist! These guys crowd in front of the guitarist and I have no choice but to oblige 🙂

The interlinking passageways from the Bakerloo/Victoria to the escalators adorned with this mega Persil advert. Nice touch – and extraordinarily clean too!

Guy at Green Park with his amazing  home made outfit!

Other passengers admiring his work.

The detail on his hat was amazing, it included these notice boards, an entire living room in miniature etc. There seemed to be a recurring theme involving cats but don’t ask me why!

I took a lovely picture of a guy with his dog on the first nite of the Night Tube at Oxford Circus westbound Central Line. This, on the same platform, complements that photo from one year ago. Alas the woman didn’t look up she was too busy on her mobile.

Eduardo Paolozzi’s mosaics at Tottenham Court Road station never fail to delight me. Two years ago there was huge controversy when they were removed. A 8,000 signature petition was made to demand their return. Recently the designs for the mosaics were auctioned.

Leaving bottles on the stairs, please this is a no no! It might be great fun to plonk glass bottles on the steps on the way out of the station but think about it, passengers do miss these and trip over them. Its dangerous. Not only that its an extra hazard blind or partially sighted passengers have to contend with, and the risk that they too will tumble down the stairs.

Victoria Line passengers pose for the camera!

On the Waterloo travelator, it looked as if someone might have had a small accident, and passengers were just stepping over, ignoring her plight.
Except it was no plight, but a flight – of sorts!

It turned out she was simply trying out a new method of riding the travelator. Lots of people ride the handrails. This person thought it would be fun to lie down (lie back, metaphorically) and enjoy the ride 🙂 These people too tried many other new methods besides this, plenty of time before the travelator reaches the far end!

A passenger pooped here! No matter how civilised we are supposed to be, passengers always get up to the most amazing things. Throw up, take a piss, dump entire boxes of uneaten meals on the stairs, and more….  Sometimes they need a dump and they’ll do it right there and then! The cleaning staff have evidently scooped up the poop, and disinfected the immediate area. In the meantime staff fetch other cleaning materials to deal with the stains left behind. This is Oxford Circus.

Central Line w/b Oxford Circus. Some passengers have all the luxuries. Take away pizzas, drinks, movies on the go etc. I cant remember the last time I had a take away pizza, or had clothes as nice as these people have!The lights in the tunnel is a White City bound train that’s just left Tottenham Court Road station.

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