DSC 0201fi 1 - Coffee Pot Signals #3

This is an update to previous posts featuring London Underground’s surviving coffee pot signals.
DSC 0204 1 - Coffee Pot Signals #3
Baker Street still has one coffee pot signal in use on the westbound Circle/Hammermsmith platform. Its in a very dark location right under the footbridge (basically these platforms are some of most darkly lit on the tube) and I have not been able to get a satisfactory picture of it.
Its anchored to the base of the Wonderpass footbridge.
DSC 0203 1 - Coffee Pot Signals #3
Close up of Baker Street’s one surviving coffee pot signal.
Just to note, the ones at Great Portland Street are in a similar position too and though I was more lucky with those, the pictures still needed much processing.
That’s practically all the usable coffee pot signals photographed and documented!
DSC 0207 1 - Coffee Pot Signals #3
View looking down platform with coffee pot signal located under the Wonderpass footbridge.
Here’s a recent picture of the westbound signal at Liverpool Street. Its clearly the busiest station which coffee pot signals can be found. Certainly these ancient signals must still be giving their worth in assisting platform staff during rush hours when the main platform starter signals cannot be seen.
DSC 1274 1 - Coffee Pot Signals #3
Liverpool Street station Circle/Hammersmith/Metropolitan  westbound line with coffee pot signal. 21/08/2017
This is what  LUL signalling staff think about coffee pot  signals: “Coffee pots are horrible things – four live terminals just inside the door and no room to insert a lamp without getting a shock. I hate to see heritage features go, but they aren’t fit for purpose and should have been replaced by something more maintainable years ago!” (Comment from Flickr)

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