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Sources have, this weekend just gone, been extolling the fact Crossrail shall consist of distinct and separate, itsy bitsy Lizzy themed sections before it becomes one whole ginormous cross London railway.
The weekend’s dignitaries were Diamond Geezer and Ian Visits who say its apparently new information.
Yes, that’s right. Its not been so plain before!
Diamond Geezer replied in relation to a comment I posted on his blog “Agreed, it’s an ‘obvious’ consequence of everything previously announced, but I’ve not seen it stated so plainly before.”
This is what he claims is being plainly said:
dgdec2017 - Plainly stating the Lizzy Line...
Linky to the TfL page that sent our guys’ expectations rocketing.
Is it really info that’s not been stated so plainly before?
London’s Evening Standard issued this plainly stated information during April 2017. And the Independent divulged it a whole year earlier on 23 February 2016.
Gosh! Where did that not so stated plainly information come from then?
The Indy had it from a press release announcing the Big ‘E.’ Here’s the text, and its quite plainly stated:
tflfeb2016 - Plainly stating the Lizzy Line...
TfL’s confirmation of the five stages in Crossrail’s services from press release 23 February 2016
Was it that one? Well its one many in the media have based their reports on. There’s earlier tho. Back in time again for this TfL document of 12 February 2015 detailing how the five stages would work out.
Stage one has already been and gone – that’s the introduction of Crossrail trains on the Liverpool St – Shenfield section of the line.
Stages two to five includes the main central section from Paddington to Abbey Wood (December 2018.)
IMG 7030 - Plainly stating the Lizzy Line...
Thank you for your patience while we rename your favourite new railway line…..
Stage (E) will be the opening celebrations. There’ll be fireworks whilst Elizabeth and her merry gang of Buckingham residents make sure all ye olde Crossrail branding gets written off with a bigger ‘E’ word.
No doubt it’ll be sheer Ecstasy!
Oi! What’s your official source for Stage (E)? Er I’ll have to think on that, its got to be very plainly stated!

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