The Night Overground begins (photos)

These are a selection of pics from first hours of operation of London Overground’s night service on the former East London Line between Dalston and New Cross Gate 15/16 December 2017.
TfL’s blurb says “As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of London Overground, we’re excited to announce the first London Overground Night Service. It’ll begin on Friday 15 December… making it even easier for any night owlsto get around.”
There’s argument on what TfL means by services starting Friday 15th December when in fact the proper service starts on the 16th. As Diamond Geezer explains, TfL sees the dates as going to 4.30am the next morning, so in this case Friday 15th extends until 04.30am on Saturday the 16th. In my view that’s probably okay in terms of ticketing arrangements, but not in terms of train operation. One can extend ticketing arrangements to the next day because there is a method to it.
Doing the same with train services doesn’t make sense. In fact its a bit of a wheeze, or a creative fiddle if you like. It simply means train operators avoid in large having to describe trains as running on both days. That’s something that used to be done until a number of years ago, where services were described as continuing the next day, and 4.30am is simply the time when the least trains are likely to be in operation.

Night revelry. Woman pretending to use the northbound platform at Canada Water as a catwalk!

Guy waiting for one of the last daytime overground services southwards

Just about the end of daytime services on London Overground, this is the last to West Croydon. And next its the Night Overground!

378 229 at New Cross Gate (NXG) having just arrived empty from Dalston Junction to form the first Night overground service going north.

The FIRST night overground from NXG
Both Diamond Geezer (whom I inadvertently photographed) and I were the only bloggers to cover the first train out of NXG.
However I was the only person to cover BOTH of the first trains! (These were the 00.19 from New Cross Gate and the 00.32 from Dalston.)

Staff photographing the front of 38029 – the first train out of NXG

The driver of the first Night Overground service (00.19) from NXG. Very little light at the end of the NXG platform & very difficult to take pics without flash.

Surrey Quays roundel seen through the stations pillars (see also main picture)

Empty stock working passing Surrey Docks en route to NXG depot
(I didnt realise until later I’d typed ‘Surrey Docks’ instead of Surrey Quays. That was the station’s old name. A slip of mind but a nice one though and a homage of sorts to the old East London Line.)

Surrey Quays station during a lull between Night Overground services

Plenty of Night Overground leaflets at Canada Water

The official Night Overground train (00.32 from Dalston) with TfL, Night Czar and Londonist people aboard

Chaos at NXG as TfL publicity photographs get underway!

Night Czar Amy Lamé with the driver of the first southbound service (00.32 ex Dalston) at NXG

Night Czar Amy at NXG with the Night Overground’s roundel

BtP officers who looked after the official Night Overground launch train

A very happy, christmassy, TfL person at NXG!

TfL staff and associates by the Night Overground roundel at NXG

The official launch train (00.32 ex Dalston) waiting for departure from NXG at 01.07am

Patrick Blake (@MetroCircular) enjoying a night out on the Night Overground

TfL’s London Overground boss, Jon Fox (Director of Rail) with the Night overground’s lovely roundel
The Night Overground roundel at Canada Water. The only station to receive the proper style of night time roundels consistent with the rest of the night network. All the other stations, Dalston included, used decals papered over normal tube roundel signs and looked somewhat cheap. For example the one on the southbound platform at Surrey Quays showed creases because apparently it had been hurriedly applied.

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