crossrailmap 1 - Barmy Crossrail map released!

The new Crossrail map (the big ‘E’ Line map to most of you) takes some of the excesses of the standard tube map to extremes. Whilst attempts have been made to try and represent the tube map somewhat more accurately (but not too brilliantly) the new Crossrail map released today (19 Dec 2017) forsakes any possible sense of realism or actual locations. Perhaps its no surprise as the new route cant even decide if its a tube line or a main line railway!

(Note: TfL took down their map thus the above link does not work. A copy from my archives is made available here.)

Let’s take a small example to begin with. Has anyone very seen, anywhere on the tube map, an interchange point where a line terminates and one must apparently retract their steps in order to change to other lines/the other bit of Crossrail? Yet this is what they are doing at Paddington!

padd bondst - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Does one actually retrace their steps to access the overground part of Paddington?

agnesguano - Barmy Crossrail map released!
ashleyjohn67 - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Look at how isolated Paddington Crossrail station is when actually its right underneath main station!TfL may be trying to convey a sense that there is a walk needed from the underground Crossrail station to the overground Crossrail station but its poorly shown here.

There’s a similar situation at Liverpool Street and in my opinion it would have been better to have shown these points as a vertical series of interconnecting circles (like at King’s Cross, Euston and other locations) where interchange/onward connections are clearly simplified.

I know the Crossrail lines from Bond Street to Paddington are all wrong – putting Marble Arch south of Crossrail is just zany, but as there are no stations in this section there’s possibly no harm that could have been done here.

tflanswer - Barmy Crossrail map released!

TfL doesnt understand the concept of Dem Bones!

Barbican is so messy! What on earth are they trying to say about this station? Is it accessible or is it not accessible? As far as I understand the westbound platform at Barbican will be fully accessible from Crossrail (though not from the street.) Maybe they are trying to say ‘look its fully accessible at Farringdon,’ which it is – to an extent.

farr lst - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Crossed wires at Farringdon/Barbican – and too many Liverpool Street stations!

Won’t Barbican be in some ways better than Farringdon as an interchange point because there’s more wheelchair reach to the different parts of a Circle, Hammersmith or Metropolitan train than what Farringdon offers?

I mean this station, Farringdon that is, sports some dreadfully narrow widths especially on its westbound platform and that’s a huge problem for wheelchairs or mums with buggies and kids – yet they are saying ‘wheelchairs and buggies please change at Farringdon.’

The other problem again, is Liverpool Street accessible or not? Certainly the eastbound platform is. The Farringdon/Barbican mess can be extended to Liverpool Street station. I would think its much easier to travel eastwards by Circle/Hammersmith/Metropolitan yet Crossrail is touted as the only route (and also its the one with somewhat more hassle.) In practice it depends on which entrance one begins their journey and where one is going.

In a nutshell it seems it would be better if going westbound on Circle /Hammermsith/Metropolitan (from Crossrail) to change at Barbican, not Farringdon. Similarly if wanting to go eastwards to Liverpool Street main line station continue on the Circle/Hammersmith/Metropolitan – don’t change at Farringdon for Crossrail!

abbeywood - Barmy Crossrail map released!
wool abbeyw - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Dude, where’s Abbey Wood. Is it south of Woolwich?

Abbey Wood is most definitely east of Woolwich

The worst excesses of the Crossrail map however tend to be on the two main branches, that to Heathrow and the other to Abbey Wood. Yes I know Abbey Wood has been shown in absolutely the wrong place on a number of consecutive maps, but having placed the Crossrail line within context of a standard tube map, it just becomes more inane. I mean on the rail & tube map Abbey Wood is most definitely east of Woolwich.

lst whte - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Liverpool Street lines get transposed to a new location.

Notice how the two lines split off (Shenfield and Abbey Wood) in the wrong place. Yes I know its not meant to be accurate, but then they place eastern bit to Shenfield as if its south of the District Line when actually its north, as shown on  the rail and tube map.

lst whte2 - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Rail & tube map shows it more like it is (in spite of Hoxton’s placement.)

They dont seem to have thought this out very well, especially come the time when Crossrail does begin through services as well as running limited services out of Liverpool Street. They should use the same denotation as at King’s Cross and Euston rather than these dreadful attempts at representing atomic structures!

The worst offender on the whole of this brand new Crossrail map has to be the Heathrow branch and we start with Acton Main Line. Its placement makes it look like its a potential station for the Central Middlesex Hospital! Where its placed is without a doubt right slap bang where the hospital is. That’s a real damn good long walk from the actual Acton Main line station! With such a placement I’m surprised TfL have not sought to announce the Central Middlesex Hospital shall be officially served by the new line!

acton ealing - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Acton Main Line – for Central Middlesex? New Ealing Broadway station in Haven Green perhaps?

Not only that, Acton Main Line station is actually a short distance (approx 500m) down the road from North Acton station on the Central Line. I mean, if there were to be any problems with Crossrail (heaven forbid) would anyone know that North Acton was a suitable alternative?

padd ealing - Barmy Crossrail map released!

Better representation of the lines (apart from North Acton being incorrect.)

Like the confusing eastern bits around Whitechapel and Stepney Green, the western branch of Crossrail misses Ealing Broadway Central/District Lines out altogether. The way its done makes it look a totally new station somewhere north of the current Ealing Broadway.

In reality (referring to the rail and tube map once again) the GWR and Heathrow lines (the latter soon to become Crossrail/Lizzy) are represented as being south of the Central and District Lines which is more like it (save for the misplacement of North Action.)

If this is how the ‘Elizabeth Line’ maps are going to look, its going to be a great big bloody joke of a brand new inter-London railway line!

Update 20 December 2017 – Jack May (Twitter handle @JackO_May) has a LOT to say about this bonkers Crossrail map. His points are totally separate to mine so there is no overlap. But nevertheless he makes many important points too about this contrived design of a map!

NOTE – The @JackO_May account is no longer extant, however here are screencaps of what was said about Crosrail’s strange maps:

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