London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods

IMG 6542 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods

Xmas is with us once again, in fact its just five days before the main day in question, and once again a post featuring an aspect of London’s 2017 decorations. This time its Harrods in Knightsbridge. The famous shop has always had some interesting xmas theme on show however this is the first post I have done. There is a main reason behind this, being that its not actually the famous name but in fact a part of those decorations that does, in my view,  pay homage to a particular and unacknowledged group of people who used to work at the store years ago.
We begin this with the decorations in Hans Crescent, on the east side of the store. The reason is this year Dolce & Gabbana have taken over the main front windows in Brompton Road and so the more traditional Harrods xmas windows are relegated to the side. As well as the windows in Hans Crescent there’s the xmas tree, its by Dolce & Gabbana too!
IMG 6472 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
The first five scenes are of the Harrods windows in Hans Crescent, which represent different brands
IMG 6474 - London’s festive sights 2017 – HarrodsCarolina Herrera is represented in these two windows
IMG 6476 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
IMG 6477 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
London, Paris, New York – and Jimmy Choo of course
IMG 6479 - London’s festive sights 2017 – HarrodsWindow advertising Dr Vranjes cosmetics and fragrances
IMG 6482 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
The Dolce & Gabbana tree in Hans Crescent.
Some of the Dolce & Gabbana displays are shown below. Car head and tail-lights, bus windows, and other traffic, street lights and other factors as well as numbers of people outside made it difficult to get good representations of the displays!
IMG 6492 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
IMG 6507 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
The scene shown below is of the tailors who work for D&G but in my view it also represents the tailors of Harrods. Many were deaf. In fact Harrods was one of the few big London companies to employ deaf people on a large scale (and like a lot of other companies it doesn’t these days.) These examples are almost evocative of some deaf tailors, including Tony, who lived at Wornington Crescent with his wife and daughter. (They were relocated to World’s End when the flats were pulled down to make way for the Westway.) Yes Harrods was once a where deaf people could be guaranteed a job. Something which these days is an impossibility.
IMG 6511 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods
Dolce & Gabbana tailors – fab scene showing these at work but also a homage to the old Harrods!

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