DSC 0274 1 - Crazy Crossrail Openings!

Everyone knows Crossrail opens in December 2018. But exactly when?
Some sources say 9th December. Others say 18th December! Thats assuming it is on target. (See ****note below)
Which of these is it then?
Actually its both dates. Yes BOTH those dates!
WHAAT! That can’t be possible!
Slapping my head back into reality. That right? Yes it is. Blimey!
Yup. Cos I discovered a document with the details. Either Crossrail have confused themselves or they’re completely serious about how the line will actually be opened later this year. Some quick screencaps of the document headings follow.
Here’s the thing. From 9th December 2018 it will be officially opened as CROSSRAIL (forget the Elizabeth Line signs they’re scrambling to put up in place of the lovely original Crossrail roundels):
stage1 - Crazy Crossrail Openings!
From 18th December 2018 it will be officially launched as the ELIZABETH Line:
stage1a - Crazy Crossrail Openings!
That’s right folks! You have exactly ten days to enjoy Crossrail’s services on the central section before it becomes the new name.
P.S. Another thing I found is the detached services (Paddington-Heathrow/Liverpool Street – Shenfield) will continue as TfL/Crossrail and not the Elizabeth Line until its all finally linked up in 2019.
****Note: Some other documents suggest the Paddington-Abbey Wood section will begin 8 December 2018.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Crossrail Openings!

  1. “Dec 18” in this context refers to the month, not 18th December the day – it will launch as Elizabeth Line on 9th December and there will no operation as “Crossrail”.

  2. I cant understand why they didnt put ‘2018’ then instead of ’18.’ Also as they say its either the 9th or the 18th (depending on which source) so that helps to cultivate confusion.

    1. I suspect it’s one of those things where someone types rough copy that makes sense to them, but doesn’t have it reviewed with a proof-reader’s eye before it goes public. It made sense to me, in context of what I know, but equally I understand why someone else could read it as you did (the American way of writing month then date is becoming more common). I’ve also seen confusion elsewhere about what date public service starts on Paddington to Abbey Wood, and I’m afraid I can’t help with that. Logically you would expect it to be the date of the standard GB (and Europe) timetable change, but there is no interlinking with any other service that would make it necessary to do on that date – no sharing tracks with any other service, and no other service has to be reduced, enhanced or otherwise altered as a direct result of the commencement of this shuttle.

      1. I don’t know what they are up to. I’ve seen people on forums asking whether the 9th or the 18th is the correct date as its clear there’s two sets of official dates doing the rounds. The other confusion is the Heathrow and Shenfield services apparently wont be ‘E Line’ until they too are connected to the central core route.

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