IMG 6574fi 2 - New Victoria ticket hall opens

The huge expansion at Victoria tube station has been taking quite a long time. The new Cardinal Place was closed last weekend for works, but I dont think that was connected to the opening of this other new bit. The long awaited new and large Victoria Line ticket hall extension opened this afternoon. Its obviously a sort of half finished job as the other escalator bank is not yet in use.

On my way through the station earlier this afternoon-  about 2pm – I spotted dignitaries through a gap in hoarding and realised there was an official ceremony in progress, so I asked staff in the best way I could if it was opening. Yes it would open a bit later wasn’t sure fully of what he said. That’s TfL’s excellent communication for people like me.

IMG 6571 - New Victoria ticket hall opens
The new ticket hall under construction. This and the main picture taken December 1st 2017

26022067868 b63c0c3034 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Gap spotted in the hoarding so had a peep…

26022093748 ce1af4082c k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Yikes! There’s an opening ceremony of some sort underway…

26022136398 506230cb42 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Its real wicked! The new entrance opened today

On my return to Victoria about 5pm in anticipation of finding a new ticket hall in use, it was still a surprise to see it open. Had a quick tour and took a few pictures with my dodgy old smartphone! Its a disaster in low light conditions however…. anyhow I tried my luck conversing with a different member of TfL staff and he clearly told me it had opened at 2.30pm.

26022144148 50bc896990 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
The new entrance in Wilton Road

As well as a bank of ticket machines, there’s a new TfL control room, its much larger and replaces the older one at the top of the original escalators. It will cover the District and Circle Lines too.

39862848452 01778905ac k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Lots of ticket barriers but no-one using them! Most going through the three or so new ones at the far end

Clearly the very restricted layout meant they had to impose this ugly trellis type fencing to maintain crowd flows. One wonders if the opening was really worth it? Yes opening the new section put a handful of new ticket gates into use but did they need all those others unused right now?

Expect these expandable barriers will be needed across the dividing area between the new and old ticket hall till such a time when the other escalator bank opens and passenger flows change somewhat.

39862869832 8871e05866 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Expandable barrier to stop cross flows

The middle entrance was taken out of use. I don’t know if its to be during rush hours or what. One thing is clear it was being used for storage of the hoardings and expanding fences, so it may be only a few days closure.

38996017625 11abf3b8c0 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
The original 1969 entrance shut off – for temp or refurbishment?

Earlier in the year I had enquired after TfL staff (yes having to approach these guys knowing their attitude!) as to the missing plaque commemorating the official opening of the Victoria Line in 1969, they were claiming they didn’t know where it had gone to. Liars! It had been behind the hoarding at the bottom of the new stairs all this time.

26022184108 3067b08a96 k - New Victoria ticket hall opens
Commemorative stone on the opening of the Victoria Line – 7 March 1969 – in its new position

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