Euston Square station – the old Met timetable so many loved has gone. Progress over the past couple of days is slowly obliterating much of the 1960s/1970s tiling/decor along the platforms and in the ticket hall.
It seems to me the contractors have temporarily abandoned the quest to remove the 1930s Metropolitan Railway/LTPB tiling and are instead focussing on the newer tiling. I could be wrong but let me tell you, old tiling is pretty hard to remove compared to the more modern stuff! Years ago I was given the task of removing 1920s tiling. It wasn’t an enviable job, needing powerful pneumatic tools to shift. I expect the contractors got more than they bargained for!
Do readers want the bad news first…. Okay! The much loved 1980s Metropolitan Line timetable’s gone – the pictures below show the timetable in its last few hours.
DSC 0201 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
The timetable on the evening of the 7th March with just a few hours to go….
DSC 0196 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Here’s a last look at it…..
DSC 0203 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Another look….
DSC 4635 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Next day – 8 March…. gone! All the 1960s/70s tiling along this wall is now removed
DSC 0193 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Still a bit of tiling opposite the barriers – difficult to remove because of important panels
DSC 0058 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Nice bit of plain unused 1970s tiling and advert placeholder still extant towards the lift
DSC 0061 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Advert for Charity Aid 1995. Perhaps an extra day or two in existence?
DSC 0045 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
Down on the platforms, the tiling is slowly being removed along the eastbound platform. The westbound remains as it is with complete 1930s Metropolitan tiling in the corridor. So far they’re not touching the 1960s/1970s enamel panels with Metropolitan and Circle Line roundels…
DSC 0047 - Euston Square tube: More stuff gone
This is bizarre! One of the adhesive panels informing passengers of the week nights’ suspension of the Met Line service has been stuck over the classic 1970s panelling. Out of the several along here that were removed just one gets this rather strange, amateurish re-positioning….

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