Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

DSC 0135fi 1 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

At the weekend I noticed a handful of Jubilee Line trains in service with these huge stickers that are clearly devised as part of TfL’s #travelkind campaign. Its clear this new campaign began at the weekend. Are they really necessary when there’s already stickers on all tube lines of a standard type stating ‘Priority seat for people who are disabled, pregnant, or less able to stand.’

DSC 0105 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

My first one sighted! On eastbound Jubilee Line 3pm – Sunday 15 April
Do people not notice the small ones? Is that why they now have to be made soooo big?

Both recently refurbished (in grey interior decor) and the unrefurbished (in yellow/blue decor) trains have the bumper stickers. The next two pictures feature refurbished Jubilee Line trains with the new stickers.

DSC 0132 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

I had to let five different trains pass at Green Park (both directions) before I found my next blue bumper sticker train!

DSC 0140 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

Definitely a big blue bumper sticker train! Baker Street late afternoon 15 April 2018.

DSC 0150 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

Alas not one of those! Unrefurbished train at Baker Street 15 April 2018.

On my Jubilee Line trip to/from North Greenwich on Monday 16 April I noticed even more trains sporting the new look. The train I took there was fortunately only going to North Greenwich, so I had the chance to ask the train driver what they thought of the new scheme and which depot it was being applied at.

DSC 0194 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

Unrefurb Jubilee train at North Greenwich with the sticker evident. Note there’s none on the opposite side. 16/04/2018.

Fortunately the driver on our train was himself very disability aware and we were able to communicate quite well. This is more or less what I understood of him:

‘Do you know, that is the first time I have seen these, I’ve never ever seen them before.’

I was quite surprised. He admitted there had been no notices or whatever on these. The fact the driver hadn’t noticed is perhaps evident enough to inform us generally no-one else is going to notice either! Not even if they are that big lol!

DSC 0197 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

Our driver disappearing into the distance at North Greenwich – ready to take his train back to Stanmore – after admitting he hadn’t seen the stickers before!

I looked for sources on the internet that would reveal the whys and wherefores behind this new initiative. Alas, there’s nothing not even on social media, so we’re left with a little bit of a mystery. Its most unlike TfL especially when similar initiatives have had official launches and concise campaigns. This particular element of #travelkind TfL’s clearly keeping quiet.

I would think perhaps nearly half the Jubilee Line fleet now has these stickers. If every train is going to have these that’ll no doubt be accomplished by this coming weekend. I don’t think any other lines are going to get these just at the moment.

There’s two stickers to each carriage usually one at each end, and diagonally.

***Apparently these stickers are to do with a campaign by TfL from 23 – 28 April called ‘Priority Seating Week’ – there will be posters and publicity during that week to raise awareness upon the fact that some need these seats especially if they have disabilities or are pregnant etc.

***Update 20 April 2018: The Standard published an article setting out what TfL intends to do with this advertising. Its also been rolled out on London Overground.

I havent been on their trains for a while! Ironically I was just about sat on a Jubilee Line train when I opened the paper to find this article and promptly took a picture of the said item next to one of these giant blue sticker!

DSC 0326 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

The Standard article and that giant blue sticker! Photo taken this afternoon on Jubilee Line train.

In light of this latest information the two tweets I posted are no longer relevant so have deleted these.

The Standard article in question can be read here.

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