IMG 7612fi 1 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2

A short follow up to the original post written in January 2018! I visited the site this week to take some further pictures.
DSC 0255 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
View by the new station entrance looking south towards Beresford Square
The site is progressing very slowly like other Crossrail stations and there doesnt seem an awful lot since my last review. The biggest changes between January and now seems to be the hoarding which has spread across an even wider area especially opposite Beresford Square and at Cannon Square so hopefully a sign things are really going to get moving soon!
Like a lot of other Crossrail stations there are delays being reported (those between Paddington and Hayes now being a source of consternation, whilst others such as Bond Street do seem to be very slow.) The reconstruction works at Silvertown footbridge have been put back several months to mid summer 2018. The new Woolwich station has been affected by industrial disputes. This article at City AM is the most recent posting on the site’s industrial disputes. One wonders if its all really is going to be open in December 2018!
DSC 0253 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
The hoarding around the station has spread over an ever wider area – some as part of ‘RARE’
RARE stands for Royal Arsenal Riverside Explore. There are quite a few window displays extolling this as the example below shows.
DSC 0238 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
‘RARE’ display on Plumstead Road at the base of the oversite development
I met some construction site staff having an after works drink and so asked when the famous glass wall mural will be put up. I’m saying its famous because it will no doubt be a very notable landmark once the station is open. They informed me it was hoped to have this installed in around two months time. (see the previous post for details of this.)
DSC 0213 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
A closer view of the new station entrance
It could be that once major elements (which I assume are being constructed off site ready to bolt in place) such as doors, large windows, frames, partitions, signage etc are delivered things will really move. The slowness of the project is probably due to the decision to delay Crossrail’s completion from 2017 to 2018. The decision to adopt a slower construction timetable was undertaken a few years back as a means of reducing the line’s enormous costs.
DSC 0223 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
A before and after comparision! The oversite development and the finished product depicted on the hoarding
I’m intrigued the new hoarding has dispensed with the Elizabeth Line name! Instead of that name its all Crossrail again – as if the other didnt exist. Perhaps they are mindful of the controversy surrounding the different names?
DSC 0229 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
New Crossrail hoarding on Plumstead Road – no Elizabeth Line name to be seen!
DSC 0259 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
Another view of the oversite development from Beresford Square
Out of interest this article published by City AM yesterday (17th April) discusses considerable delays to the new Class 345 Heathrow services. Its clear the twice-hourly Heathrow Connect service will operate for a few more months instead of the mooted four hourly TfL ‘Elizabeth Line’ service.
DSC 0244 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
The other end of Woolwich station – the emergency access and ventilation facility – hardly any change
Opposite the southern end of the station precincts, one can see clearly how the over sitedevelopment fits over the station box. The views looking along Plumstead Road and from Dial Arch etc are impressive but do not currently show exactly how the oversite development is constructed. In the picture below (also see main picture – taken at sunset) we can see the taller buildings were built first whilst the station box was built parallel to their base. When that had been completed the second phase began – this is the lower building in question. This has been extended up to a point near the station entrance. I assume in due course another development will be built directly over the station entrance to complete the whole works.
IMG 7637 - Crossrail: Woolwich #2
The station oversite development seen from Arsenal Way
Updated 20 April 2018

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