Sherlock Gnomes takes over Baker Street station!

Sherlock Gnomes, a new animated comedy film, has taken over one of the Bakerloo Line platforms at Baker Street. Where before we had silhouettes of Sherlock Holmes, its now Sherlock Gnomes!

Years ago there were complaints when the original Sherlock Holmes decor was taken down as it had proved very popular. In response to criticism some parts of the tiling were eventually restored to the station and these included the Sherlock silhouettes on the Bakerloo platforms.

What’s been done is decals have been used to cover up the original silhouettes with Sherlock Gnomes! I suppose its a good advertisement for the new film, but its also quite funny because I am sure people will wonder if they have arrived at the right station or not!

Some of the advertising that complements the Shelock Gnomes decals. The new film is to launch on 11 May 2018

The station’s name hasn’t been immaterially altered, thank goodness! However there’s a pair of large patches of wall between seats where for some reason there’s never been a station nameboard/roundel and Sherlock Gnomes has been put here too! Just looking at that two particular spots one would think its really without a doubt Sherlock Gnomes station! LOL!

The bit with no name or roundel that undoubtedly announces the stop as Sherlock Gnomes station!

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