A quick post, mainly pics and a just few words on the last day of the Heathrow Connect service.
From tomorrow (20th May 2018) TfL will be taking over the Heathrow Connect and it will be known as TfL Rail in readiness for the new line that’s dedicated to a certain Regal matriarch….
During the week just gone TfL informed people if they had problems with the service to complain to GWR – very confusing because people could see TfL staff and TfL branded trains as I observed from tweets. TfL was telling people if they saw TfL trains about these were simply on test…. take for example this tweet.
To all purposes and intents the operation I saw today was TfL – TfL branded trains and TfL staff at all stations except Hanwell. I suppose they were all on ‘test’ too? Some very clever robots employed by TfL to mimic real life station staff! How did any of us manage to board a TfL train if these were just on test….

Two TfL and one GWR staff at Platform 11 for Heathrow Connect

Siemens Class 360 204 at Paddington Platform 11

Our driver & rail enthusiast enjoying the Heathrow Connect’s last day before TfL takes over

A quick peep at the driver’s controls!

New TfL route map for the Heathrow stopping services
Its ages since I have been out of Paddington on a train anywhere – tube all the time yes, main line practically never (last time I used the station’s main rail services was on the final direct service between Paddington and West Ruislip!) I’ve never been beyond Hayes, not been to Heathrow by train ever and still cant do that on this final day of the Connect services. Tomorrow apparently yes when TfL are well and truly in charge.

360 202 at Ealing Broadway en route to Heathrow. This unit would form the final workings (see below)

No updates yet to TfL’s map at Ealing Broadway (unlike some stations that have new maps showing TfL to Heathrow.)

We passed 360 203 en route to Paddington at West Ealing

Hanwell on the outward journey

Just one GWR staff spotted en route at Hanwell (this was the return journey on 387 147)
(The Hanwell picture was obtained by taking high speed bursts on the camera as our train sped through)

Watching 360 204 departing Hayes for the airport – a journey I’ve never done….
At Hayes I got my FIRST ever ride on one of the new GWR¬† 387’s! Its also the first and last trip I will have from the bay platform at Hayes on a 387 as TfL take this over from Monday 21st for their new Class 345’s (which will not be able to reach Heathrow until possibly 2019….)

The return journey from Hayes was on 387 147 (then 360 204 from Ealing.)

A gander at Ealing Broadway’s departures screen on the return journey

UPDATE 01.30am 20th May 2018

Some pics of the class 360 final workings (under the ‘old regime’ where travelcards and oyster etc were not valid to Heathrow.)
The final service to Heathrow, the 23.03 from Paddington had two enthusiasts as well as the usual passengers – such as revellers, locals returning home and people going to the airport for late night flights etc.

360 202 at Ealing Broadway, 23.11pm, with the final round trip working to the airport.

Siemens 360 201 and 360 203 in platforms 3 and 4 at Paddington approx 00.29am

360 202 returns to Paddington with the final Heathrow Connect service. Already ‘not in service!’
As the pictures show 360 202 had the honour of doing the final trips under the guise of Heathrow Connect. It arrived back at Paddington about two minutes late. After the passengers had been discharged the unit drew forward to couple up to 360 203, to form a ten coach empty stock working back to Old Oak. Earlier 360 201 had arrived out of service (about 00.27am.) It departed for Old Oak at approx 00.40am.

360 202 drawing up to 360 203. Unit 360 201 is on the other platform

360 202 at the country end of platform four, Paddington station.

360 203 and 360 202 (seen in the distance) forming a ten coach working to Old Oak depot
Here are scans of the leaflets that were available at Paddington detailing changes to the Heathrow services:

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