Another quick post, mainly pictorial, just a few words. Need a few more days rest from the mania of typing out tomes of stuff! This is London’s own cable car which goes across the Thames between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks. I took these pictures over a number of weeks whilst doing other research and exploration of the docks area.
Despite London’s one and only urban cable car being opened in 2012 I’ve only seen it from afar (usually from a passing Docklands railway train.) It was about a month ago when I first saw the Emirates Air Line close-up (same goes for the O2, not been there, never done that!) The pictures are not in any particular order though its mostly the north side first then the south.

Royal Docks
A large part of these pictures were taken on the north side of the Thames which is where I was most of the time. I think photographs at their best when there is a good bit of cloud cover as it adds drama. Some days there wasn’t a single cloud to be seen in the sky such as the heatwave we had in April and the current good spell we are having and it was more difficult to get the sort of images I want.

DLR/Emirates at Silvertown

Emirates Royal Docks
All the photos were taken with one of the dinosaurs of the digital camera world – the Canon 40D. Despite its age and pixel count it can produce good images. For some reason I find it picks up clouds much better than any other camera I have used, it doesn’t blow them out so much. All the pictures are HDR, something I did use a lot at one time but rarely these days. I thought it would add more interest to the images.

The Emirates Air Line high above the historic Silvertown Viaduct

Emirates gondola and Canary Wharf – taken from near the Excel

Emirates air line and the O2 looking across the docks – again taken from near the Excel

View to the Royal Docks station

Emirates at North Greenwich

North Greenwich


The Crystal Centre at Royal Docks

North Greenwich

See London from a unique perspective!

Flights to – and from – the Royal Docks

The North Greenwich Emirates station again – or Greenwich Peninsula as its correctly named

The southernmost tower taken from the Emriates station at North Greenwich

Flights crossing each others path
I found myself at North Greenwich on one of the occasions the new Champagne Flights had begun, so I took an opportunity to enquire about some aspects of the Emirates Air Line. I also took this picture of their delightful host – sorry I don’t know his name! Didn’t think to ask 🙁

Emirates’ host for the new Champagne Flights
Something I learnt about the cable car is the special packages (eg the champagne flights introduced just a week or so ago) are not compulsorily limited to a 20 minute round trip, one can get off at the other side (Royal Docks) and catch a later flight back to North Greenwich as long as this is agreed with the staff (it of course depends on whether the air line is busy or not.)

I’m planning to write something in more detail about London’s own cable car including a look at some of the guides. The above is a picture of their in-flight guide which opens out into a nice panorama of the city. More about that in a new post another time!
I’d like to thank the Air Line staff for giving me some of the cable car’s publicity and the in-flight guide depicted above.
Link: TfL Emirates Air Line

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