Little Venice Cygnets

I ventured home via London’s Little Venice this evening and I spotted eight new cygnets that were out and about. Previously I had seen some pictures of them via tweets. So it was my turn to take some photos of them!
IMG 9596 - Little Venice Cygnets
The light was quite difficult as it was evening and the light in that area is not good, the background was very bright and the cygnets in much darker area of light – they were moving around quite quickly and wouldn’t stop long enough for any poses – so the pictures are the best I could get. Enjoy!
IMG 9645 - Little Venice Cygnets
Camera used was Canon 40D, made in 2010.
IMG 9570 - Little Venice Cygnets
IMG 9637 - Little Venice Cygnets
Mummy & Daddy swan & cygnets with several onlookers. Nice setting but difficult to photograph with such uneven light.
IMG 9629 - Little Venice Cygnets
IMG 9640 - Little Venice Cygnets

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