SAM 5773fi 1 - London Bridge station balls up?

No, no, this isn’t some report on Thameslink’s current dreadful performance. Its about the station itself. You would think with such a major project such as London Bridge which was officially opened in January of his year, they would have ensured every inch of it was built properly.
Well according to the plans they’ve screwed up! Its to do with the old British Rail logos. In January I was impressed to learn the new double arrow signs on the new frontage in Tooley Street were, as a YouTube video claims, reversed as a homage to British Rail ferries (aka Sealink.) Alas the rep from Network Rail (Chris Denham) didn’t realise he was pointing out an error – did he actually look at the plans I wonder?
(Let me tell you, I did look at those plans!)
chrisdenham - London Bridge station balls up?
Network Rail’s Chris Denham explaining the Sealink connection….
IMG 5119 - London Bridge station balls up?
The St Thomas side entrance to the station in September 2016 – no logos on the wall yet!
A visit to the other side in St Thomas Street this week had me puzzled. Its well over a year since I saw that side (btw this plus a major part of the station opened on 29th August 2016.) I immediately noticed the pair of double arrow logo signs in St Thomas Street which had the top arrow facing outwards. It meant either Network Rail or its contractors had screwed up…
IMG 9284 - London Bridge station balls up?
The St Thomas side signs seen in June 2018. Correct! Take two team points…
DSC 0953 - London Bridge station balls up?
One of the Tooley Street side signs. Correct! Take one team point…
Even though the station is now fully open there are still substantial parts of the station undergoing reconstruction work, and thus plenty of construction staff about. I asked some of the construction staff why the signs were different. They said they didnt know. Upon demonstrating to them the different signs it was obvious they had not even realised there was one sign the wrong way round!
DSC 0957 - London Bridge station balls up?
The Tooley Street side sign oppose Hays Galleria. Wrong way round. Loose all team points!
NIK 8994 - London Bridge station balls up?
Tooley Street side summer 2017. Did they know what they were doing? Hopefully the station’s going to last!
This means out of the entire set of four signs, three had their top arrow facing outwards, and one had its top arrow facing inwards. Could this fourth sign have been installed the wrong way round, perhaps because of the curved frontage in Tooley Street?
Its very hard to compare these signs. There isn’t a sightline between the two on Tooley Street. Even its difficult to get back far enough and have both signs in the same photograph. Below is one of my attempts to do as such.
DSC 0958 - London Bridge station balls up?
Practically nigh on impossible to get both Tooley Street signs in the same sightline…
One can imagine the construction staff’s convo going as such, ‘Something wrong with it? Let’s compare with the guy in the middle between the two.‘ Guv’nor speaks to guy over radio ‘Are they both the RIGHT way round?’ Guy on ground looks at one and then the other. ‘Yes, mate they’re spot on!’ Guys putting it in place, ‘But it still dont seem right somehow….’ Their Guv’nor, ‘Get on with it, just put the bloody thing on the wall!’
I dug around and found some images showing the logos in question. The designs for the new station were done by Grimshaw Architects who have done other projects such as Reading, Paddington and Waterloo International stations.
grimshaw - London Bridge station balls up?
Illustration from Grimshaw Architects showing how the signs should look. Top arrows outwards.
A guy from Grimshaw on one of their videos, said of London Bridge “projects such as this have the potential to get very very complicated and convoluted very quickly.”
IMG 9237 - London Bridge station balls up?
Apparently its a homage to British Rail’s Sealink!
Its most definitely got convoluted lol! These arrows all should be installed with their top ones facing outwards! Did they dream up the Sealink connection unwittingly, I wonder, without realising the error? Sealink ferries were famous for depicting the BR logo the wrong way round however that conformed with ‘port’ and ‘starboard.’
Hats off to the construction guys for this fantastic fail!

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