IMG 0046fi 1 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East

The news that the Barbican side of the Farringdon Crossrail development was finally receiving its new windows came as I had published my previous post, Crossrail – Six months to go! Unfortunately very few pictures of this latest development have been published and none I could embed into that post.
To reiterate, I had a little bit of a problem on the day in question when I visited Farringdon. It was in fact the later part of the evening and the Circle/Hammersmith/Met were all closing down early at 9pm in preparation for the weekend’s substantial trackworks at Moorgate. Hence I had time enough to visit just the west site at Farringdon in order to be able to get home directly by tube.
IMG 0043 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
Looking west down Long Lane
I returned to Barbican station yesterday to make amends and fill in the gaps left out by the omission of Farringdon East. Thus here are pictures of the station as it is and with the new windows that are currently going up on the Long Lane and Lindsey Street sides of the building. This is essentially a supplemental post to the original done a few days ago.
IMG 0040 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
One of the windows on the east side of the building in Hayne Street
I believe this here at Barbican/Farringdon, whatever, is Crossrail’s first station to receive decorative side panels of any sort externally. Woolwich’s still waiting for its side panels. Paddington already has its Cloud Index, however that’s the roof, not the side walls.
The art is by Simon Periton, who says the specially created glass reflects the ironwork in the adjacent Smithfield market buildings. Periton too has a commission for the west side at Farringdon which reflects the diamond industry at Hatton Garden.
IMG 0061 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
I have always felt that the east side at Farringdon reflects the somewhat banal names Crossrail stations shall be known by, a sentiment also made by City Metric. This bit is right on top of Barbican station yet its called Farringdon! Yes one can just about see Farrindgon Road in the far distance, however in terms of walking both sides are totally different areas of EC1. I’m not really sure as some might lambast me for it, however this and that at Liverpool Street should be known, for example, as Farringdon Interchange and Liverpool Street Interchange. Else there’s going to be a lot of confused people trying to work out where they are.
IMG 0051 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
Work will be continuing at Farringdon/Blackfriars after Crossrail is completed. This is because both locations have had their oversite developments approved, so unfortunately despite a brand new railway line in operation, there’s going to be a few more years of dust, noise, even misery, for locals and office workers, as they continue to negotiate the volley of construction works blighting this part of EC1 for quite a few years now.
IMG 0054 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
Wait till the oversite goes up in front of these historic gates at Charterhouse!
There have been many objections to the oversites on the east side. The historic Charterhouse Square has concerns a considerable amount of light is being cut from it due to the height of the oversite, not only that there will be significant light pollution (stray, unwanted light) reflected off the new building.
IMG 0059 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East
New ‘Cloud Index’ opposite Crossrail’s station by unknown artist. Stormy days ahead by the look of it!
Funnily enough, Smithfield market also has its own version of the Cloud Index seen at Paddington. I noticed this on the glass canopies around the side of the famous market opposite the new Crossrail station. Don’t look at me, I’m not the artist responsible for this latest creation!
Update: See this additional post for errors on the line diagrams on the new Farringdon platforms.

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