Victoria station shambles!

DSC 0485fi 1 - Victoria station shambles!

Just a quick post – many people complaining the new facility at Victoria tube station is useless. TfL apparently imposing a one way system that forces people to walk ‘miles.’ From tomorrow access to from the Victoria Line and District and Circle Lines will be only possible via Cardinal Place.
DSC 0509 1 - Victoria station shambles!
The passages at Cardinal Place people will need to use en route to/from the Circle/District & Victoria Lines from 29th August

TfL soon took heed of the complaints and changed the arrangement to allow people to access the Victoria Line via the old escalators. See for example Andy Hartley’s tweets. Whether this will be permanent remains to be seen as from the 29th August there are further changes to the arrangements, which will stay in place until October 2018.

geofftech1034832030205452290 1 - Victoria station shambles!
Dlq vcDX4AEGZvL 1 - Victoria station shambles!
I expect it will get worse when the escalators to the District Circle Lines are taken out of use!! I did warn about this in my previous post.
UPDATE: A visit to Victoria tube station on 29th showed no restrictions whatsoever. Full access remains to the District Circle Lines. The old escalators were being heavily used (in both directions) and barely anyone was using the new escalators/passageways! Perhaps TfL is pausing for a rethink on the next stage of the works?

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