Victoria Line anniversary news & tweets

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The big anniversary is upon us – the Victoria Line turns 50 this weekend! There will be events taking place this weekend (and articles on this blog with pictures not seen before.) Quite a few people and organisations are already tweeting on the 50th anniversary of the line and a number of celebrations and parties will be taking place at the original batch of Victoria Line stations, Walthamstow, Blackhorse Road, Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters, Finsbury Park and Highbury. A special logo has been created by TfL for the events.
Anything of interest related to the anniversary celebrations will be published here. Details will also be published on TfL’s Twitter and at its Victoria Line stations Highbury to Walthamstow.
The feature image, ‘Victoria Line – London’s Pride’ was regularly seen on publicity in the first year of the new services. This logo has been specially recreated by 1londonblog for the 50th Anniversary.
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TfL’s special Victoria Line 50th Anniversary logo

Tomorrow 1st September 2018:

Celebrations at each of the original Victoria Line stations from Walthamstow to Highbury. These begin at Walthamstow at 11am and proceed every 45 minutes to the other stations. Times: Walthamstow 11am, Blackhorse Road 11.45am, Tottenham Hale 12.30pm, Seven Sisters 13.15pm, Finsbury Park 14.00pm, Highbury & Islington 14.45pm.
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Victoria Line 50th Anniversary poster at Walthamstow. Each of the stations has one, with the above times specified.


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