DSC 0252fi 1 - Aldwych station

Its now 24 years this month since Aldwych closed, it was the same day as Ongar and that day, 30th September, for many of us posed a dilemma. Either travel on the last public train from Aldwych or the last public train from Ongar? Fortunately Aldwych’s first train of the afternoon was early enough to afford a full trip to Ongar immediately afterwards so I chose Ongar for the finale. Next year it will be 25 years since both stations (and their respective lines) closed.
DSC 0319 2 - Aldwych station
Filming staff and security outside the station
The last time I was in Aldwych station itself was during 2003 when there was an art exhibition within the precincts. Today briefly I saw the interior of the station for the first time in 15 years as I was in the area and noticed a lot of activity around the station entrance.
DSC 0249 1 - Aldwych station
A peep into the station’s interior
Of course I didnt go inside, wouldnt have been allowed! But here are some pictures of the station, both in 2003 and today. The reason it is ‘open’ today (as well as tomorrow) is TfL are doing some filming down on the platforms, the staff said it was something to do with advertising. I couldnt find out exactly of course but that is what was conveyed to me.
DSC 0253 1 - Aldwych station
As my pictures show Panalux were present – with at least three of their lorries
Some pics of the station as I found it in 2003…
DSC07574 1 - Aldwych station
Part of the upper lobby with its old telephone booths. Judging from videos these have been tidied up and made more presentable
DSC07501 1 - Aldwych station
Classic signage! Temple is just a few minutes walk away
DSC07509 1 - Aldwych station
The ticket office
DSC07506 1 - Aldwych station
I miss those old UndergroundD style lift indicators – sort of like boxes with numbers on them going up and down. These were found at many locations across the system. I think the station that last used this sort of indicator was in fact Aldwych with Angel following behind. At Angel theirs was in use right up to the day the old station closed in 1992. Those at Aldwych on the day of my visit were only good enough as light supports!
DSC07505 1 - Aldwych station
The lifts no longer worked but one could still look inside them

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