DSC 3582fi 1 - TfL does it again!

Just a couple of days after TfL’s discrimination incident at Victoria tube station, they were at it once again. All I did was take some pictures of a Bakerloo Line train and then I noticed some brand new chairs in the pits between the rails (these are the seats that are used to hold the rails in place) so I took pics of these thinking it might be an indication of some soon to be done trackwork. That was out of interest. No wrong there and no harm done. How can I learn things when people don’t want to converse with me, even refuse to communicate with me in a fair and sensibly adaptable way me when on occasion I do try to ask questions? If it was a person with speech approaching and asking you TfL staff nicely that’s different isnt it? Just so frigging unfair!
BTW this all kicked off when I went up the escalator and at the top TfL staff were waiting for me and started speaking to me. Of course I couldn’t understand them, so I just switched on my video camera as I said I would next time sort of thing happens. And of course this was the next time. Just two days after Victoria station! The TfL staff didn’t want me videoing them obviously but I was determined not to back down. The TfL staff continued to speak to me so I said I cant understand them with gestures and sign, and they replied ‘I cant understand you.’
You cant understand me and yet you are challenging me with something I cant understand! No wonder you guys have jobs and big fat wages! The public are your responsibility yet some of us in the public are vulnerable and you in TfL don’t care!
(How do I know they said they couldn’t understand me? I immediately went straight back on the tube to see a very close friend at Maida Vale – see tweet – and told them about TfL’s attitude and they watched the video and told me what the staff were saying. I also explained what I had been doing and it was agreed TfL’s attitude was awful. Yes it was a video that had sound but this time a different camera and even though the sound worked – the focus kept blurring and the video kept cutting out. Fantastic!)
So TfL couldn’t understand me? Exactly the same as I cant understand them! But they are imposing a condition on me which I cant meet and they are getting all worked up and thinking I am up to no good. Oh really! TfL you bang on so much about training and equality yet its clear your staff are atrocious when it comes to people like me. Why do you dispense so much bullshit about disability equality? You at TfL haven’t even got half a clue about what it means!
When there are problems on the tube (operational incidents eg faulty signals, breakdowns, overcrowding etc) your staff say they cant understand us and shrug their shoulders, they cant even be arsed to write things down, so its left to us to go elsewhere or source a different means of finding out what is happening and often its some poor unfortunate passenger that we have to grab and plead for a bit of help. TfL when it comes to communications other than speech its just far too damn troublesome for your staff to even put the information on the screens on the dot matrix displays. And its just far too trouble to use anything else other than speech. This is a major breach of legislation! And exactly the same when your staff challenge me and I don’t have a clue what you TfL are waffling on about.
tflwarwickave - TfL does it again!
TfL staff Warwick Avenue – said he couldn’t understand me and didn’t want to read my explanatory notes.
If your staff cant communicate with me there and then and cant adapt to the situation or provide support to help in communication also there and then, well too bad TfL you will just have to sod it because you are the ones creating the most unequal situations and not even realising – or even caring one bit that you are doing it. And both sides are getting upset in the process, me most especially because it does not seem to get through your thick skulls that I do really have communication problems. I have learning disabilities too. You are breaking the law without a doubt. You are also creating a situation where there is simply no level playing field and that is totally wrong. And therefore you should not be doing it.
I’m not prepared for these situations, despite having had some past training to try and help me deal with some incredibly stupid people, like these TfL staff. I find the challenge of simply doing it incredibly overwhelming and massively stressful and that’s because its not even a level playing field. But after going back down to the platforms and having a thought about the situation I came back up and I gave your TfL staff a sheet of cardboard with notes typed on it to explain my disabilities and what I am doing and how TfL  is in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act 2010. Your staff didn’t want to read it! Was it because it was going to be a massive climb down for TfL, to grovel and read what someone is trying to say? Aw sad! I have to grovel all the time because people don’t understand me. Lucky its only a one off for you! Yes your silly TfL staff didn’t want to read it but in the end I pushed it into TfL’s staff hands and they read it.
Oh yes your TfL staff filmed me too. Hoping to establish a scenario that would see me as the one in the wrong. No, I gave you that lecture in sign language because you at TfL are so ridiculous and so thoughtless. You probably thought, aha this person is aggressive let’s film him and it seems you activated the cameras by way of a pad – but no it was just the same as someone with speech making a fair stand giving you a good and stern lecture on how you have been so wrong and infringed on someone’s integrity and personal rights. You at TfL just perceive it differently and wrongly and think communication problems equates terrorism or whatever shit it is you think. Okay. Terrorists are people who speak! They are like you TfL. They are not like me. They always have good communications. Have you not ever thought that?? Have you also not ever thought that silence might be because a person cant respond because of disability? Did I run away when apprehended? Nope. I stood there trying to understand you and trying to figure out how to deal with what was clearly going to be a messy situation. And it was messy because you brought it on with this dreadful lack of awareness and understanding.
Without a doubt TfL staff need far better training. TfL’s disability equality policies are utterly atrocious no doubt about that. The training is atrocious too and the proof of the pudding is when it comes to people like me (not forgetting a number of other disabilities too.) See this tweet that was made tonight by my good friend in Maida Vale in reference to the situation. Bakerloo management will no doubt be consulted about their staff’s attitude and lack of training.

Do I live at Warwick Avenue? Of course I do. One of those lovely whitewashed Victorian stucco town houses costing millions! Really? What a frigging selfish pig!
Actually the answer is no, I don’t live there. That is the truth. I like the area though, its lovely. From Warwick Avenue its simply that I can catch a bus to my own shitty abode. That’s why I rode the train to Warwick Avenue – because I wanted to photograph just one side of it. Having caught the train as it had just arrived into the platform at Baker Street, Marylebone and Edgware Road are no good becos that would have been the wrong side of the train. I could have done it at Paddington and then got the bus home from there but Paddington tube station is soo dark, the light levels are atrocious (I don’t know why its like that its been such for years and its time they sorted that) thus Warwick Avenue was invariably the next best station.
Yes I am writing this update in the middle of the night cos I cant sleep with worry. I am very concerned these posts are putting me in a poor light and further its not conductive to my integrity and personal mind because it seems the blog is just all discrimination stuff these days. Its not what I want, but if TfL and others act in a way that is very discriminating, well I am afraid its something that must be written about.
Why is this happening? Well I never had this before as I was not interested in much about the tube I took the occasional photo yes but that was about it. Now having started this blog and with these anniversaries, accessibility improvements, new stations (Crossrail additions etc), the night tube beginning, tube resignalling etc there’s a lot of reports and photographs to cover, as well as large amounts of research. So what’s wrong with doing it? Other bloggers do it too, they blog about the tube, they vlog about the tube, they blog or vlog about TfL buses, and other aspects, they even get cab rides, peeks behind the scenes and yet they dont get the massive shit I do. Ah yes! The big difference! Voila! They’re normal. They’re not disabled. They can communicate if and when any problems arise and they can communicate their way through this massive minefield shitbag of communication paradigms. Normal! The big difference! London you are sooo discriminating!
Clearly I am quite likely the first person of my type and ability in the world to be doing this. I’m not aware there are others doing what I am doing. There are other bloggers/vloggers of my disability and other ranges of disability too but they’re not doing the things I am doing, they’re doing things entirely away from the public realm that I am in. Of course TfL is saying, ‘what the fuck is this person doing?’ Maybe they are making announcements over the PA and I’m not responding when I am about with my camera? Then they send the army in. I don’t know do I? Anyway I’m not doing anything wrong. Nothing. I’m just acting normal but you at TfL are seeing it as abnormal because of the communication issue. You in TfL are soooo confrontational. You at TfL are just shit.
There’s all all these different things, different aspects about the tube, its history anniversaries (there’s many other things too, London history, events and the rest and some things, projects, ideas I was developing, pursuing, which I have dropped because I have received abuse from the public too, including an attack at Waterloo, a strangling in a London park when I tried to do some photographs of a statue’s history when I was accused by some people of trying to take photos of them (they were a long way off by the way from the statue in question that I was photographing) and when I didn’t reply to their shouts they came running over and started grabbing my camera out of my hands and strangling me. And yes they were most definitely trying to strangle me.
vembkmt - TfL does it again!
Part of the very violent group of London picnickers in Embankment Gardens last year. I amazingly got a 12 second video clip of them despite the guy (he was behind me) who had tried to strangle me and was at that moment making further threats against me. Everyone else in the gardens just looking on and thinking to themselves, ‘what a lovely sight watching someone being strangled while we enjoy our picnics, by the way what’s the name of this new sport, this new craze? We all should do this more often to disabled people…’
And this was while half of London it seems, was enjoying a lovely day in the park, hundreds of people eating, drinking chatting, and me screaming, shouting for help when I could and NO-ONE, not one person bothering to come to my help. That was disgusting. I got away and it was only just as I reached Embankment tube I realised they were following me through London and I tried to avoid them, only when I got to Trafalgar Square did I meet someone I knew, this was Linda, and she saw me visibly stressed and I explained to her about the people following me. Linda works with people like me and she said right ‘I am going to go over to talk to these people.’ The perps scarped off because they realised they had been sussed and were about to be challenged. The day in question? This was when they had those lovely Royal Opera House Big Screen open air performances  in the Square last year and my friend/support worker was actually about to attend one of these performances.
Ever since that incident I have really cut down on going out. It seems when I am going to go out and do something in terms of blogging someone somewhere is going to do this fantastic awful thing which I have considerably highlighted in this post, the previous Victoria station post, the Selfridges post and even in a couple of earlier posts and it scares me extremely because London is full of violent nutcases who think everyone must be able to speak and anyone who isn’t speaking or communicating ‘properly’ should be challenged in the most unsavoury ways, sometimes with the added excitement of violence. Why don’t you people just grow up?
London, a lot of you are bad, evil, extremely discriminating, full of hate and TfL is without a doubt the thin edge of this wedge. And all of this while I am trying to run a blog. It seems this blog is more and more about having to deal with numerous situations where there are people with stations above their head that would be most unacceptable to most others. Its not right. Everyone says London is open, London is for everyone, London accept all diversities. No it does not! It’s a lie. It should be ‘All diversities are accepted except certain kinds of diversities.’ And many of us cannot challenge that lie simply because we do not have the means or the ability to.
The most fantastic thing about all this is the fantastic paradox that the Victoria Line anniversaries are not yet over. There’s two more, with the March 2019 one (as I have been reliably informed) going to be a quite substantial event. There’s also some other tube anniversaries to come this year also. Are you at TfL going to crap on me as I prepare for these and go about photographing what I think might be nice photographs for the posts for these anniversaries? Are you at TfL going to crap on me as the days approach to the 7th March 2019? Even crap on me on the day itself? I often worry about that and it seems almost inevitable you at TfL are going to enact your stultifying, interfering, hateful, discriminating ways once again one way or the other.
I’m trying to keep up to date as much as I can with things. Up to fairly recent I have been quite enjoying writing about different things on London, its history transport, events, keeping people informed, its clearly no different from what others are doing! Absolutely no different. Yet the way you at TfL keep going at me (as well as other Londoners with their shitbag aspirations) I’m beginning to think I cant do this game anymore. I’ve put massive amounts of time, effort, suffered huge loss of sleep, just to get things into this blog, as well as maintain it, archive every aspect of it including posts, pages, links, sources, documents etc, as well as working to preventing hackers from trashing it, and the shit I am getting from London itself and TfL is most unacceptable. TBH I’m getting tired of it. Fucking tired of it.

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