Just a selection of tweets on a particular chestnut which I’ve blogged about in the last two posts… that atrocious shit-show known as TfL…

Yes I personally set up @SodTfL – a resuscitated Twitter timeline of mine pressed into use for this particular purpose. One of my early tweets was this one about TfL’s insistence to speak to dancers with learning disabilities even though they could not communicate by the same means! I know the feeling too well!

It seems TfL staff like to laugh at disabled people as they struggle the tube’s obstacle courses… this was yesterday at Brixton.

The next two tweets are related. TfL wants to hold an accessibility event at a non-accessible tube station!

The following two tweets are related, this is in relation to TfL failure to maintain or use visual information properly. TfL regularly thinks yapping away into a microphone is the only way of disseminating important information to passengers!


Next tweet is one of the usual disappointment at finding accessible lifts not working. The lady seen in the video in question has a very important message…


I can understand the feeling expressed in the above tweet. Despite being put on a program of training by the GLA’s disability advisor some years ago, TfL removed me from it. Prob thought they needed someone who could speak…

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