Night Overground celebrates its 1st year

An anniversary night and a happy birthday to the Night Overground! For the first time Whitechapel station joined the NO. Quite a few notables were present at the first birthday celebrations! (Actually there was no-one just the usual TfL staff lol!) So far the ‘NO’ has been quite successful with a quarter of a million journeys taken. Whitechapel will increase that count quite considerably as its the other most important nodal point besides Highbury and Canada Water.

Below are a couple of the tweets that were sent prior to the start of the second year of Night Overground services.

There was one person who officiated in the unofficial celebrations – me! It was a pretty big role and to start the ball rolling I got the 00.30 from Dalston. Upon arrival at Whitechapel I somehow ended up being a boxing referee! It was however all part of the night’s fun celebrations 🙂

The 00.30 for New Cross Gate at Dalston Junction – the very first Night Overground service to serve Whitechapel and also the first to herald a second year of Night Overground services.

En route…. at least everyone’s behaving so far….

The train, 373319, was a slightly substandard unit. Shame they didn’t put on one of the reliveried trains. It would have made a big difference.

37319 at Whitechapel with the 00.39 to New Cross Gate.

As usual the early hours of the day on the Night Overground sees a quite intensive train service – except its mostly empty stock heading south to New Cross Gate depot. One such working, shown below, can be seen passing Whitechapel’s new station sign.

Obviously the London Overground staff produced yet a further set of special decals for Whitechapel’s inclusion into its night services. Here’s a better look at their special roundel…

Almost next to this special roundel, and much to the annoyance of the station staff, there were some guys fighting. Clearly it was all in good fun however the staff thought it a bit OTT. In my view there wasn’t much wrong with it actually. Happily the guys offered to pull a few punches for my camera!

Whitechapel’s all right for fighting. Come on slug it out guys!

In terms of toilet facilities the Overground trains sadly have none! No wonder the passageways and dark stairways prove to be an attraction for those wishing to relieve themselves… I dread to think what will happen when Crossrail opens and someone badly wants a shit half way to Reading…

Yikes! Someone opted for a bit of relief whilst waiting for the train to Highbury… At least it wasn’t puke!

The poster announcing the start of Whitechapel’s Night Overground services. Trains have been passing through here for a whole year while the good construction guys upstairs make light of their work on the grossly delayed Crossrail station.

I tried to do a special Night Overground anniversary thingy. Sadly it violated every aspect of TfL’s London Overground design standards… my bad!

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