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Now that Xmas is most definitely over, can we move on and look forward to the New Year? Not just yet! I have a selection of Xmas tube goodies for those of you who still need their yuletide fix! Roll on Santa once again as we take a look at some Xmas themed images related to London’s tube… All the pictures are embedded from Twitter. We start with 2018 and work back in time (not the tweets but the years the posters/pics were originally published.)

The images further back in time are quite special – please scroll down for these…

Crackers themed Xmas tube map! Source: Twitter

Thought Of The Day From Oval Station 20 Dec 2018: Source: Twitter

Fantastic Christmas card from a great transport blogger! Source: Twitter

LT Museum wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 2017. Its actually a re-issue of a 1960s poster by Hans Unger. Source: Twitter

Naughty but nice xmas touches to a Piccadilly Line car diagram! Source: Twitter

For the serious transport collector! TfL Xmas updates 2017. Source: Twitter

Was there a heatwave at Xmas 2016? I don’t remember! TfL warns Xmas travellers of the dangers of heat 🙂 Source: Twitter

Another for the serious collector! TfL Xmas closures 2013. Source: Twitter

Musical tube Xmas card 2013. Source: Twitter

Elizabeth Line you were never going to be the first! Special TfL tube themed shoes for Xmas 2013. Source: Twitter

Poster by Maurice Wilson for London Transport, 1951. Source: Twitter

Christmas 1945 – Oskar Kokoschka’s beguiling yet thought provoking image ‘Christ helps the starving children’ is displayed in London’s tube stations to raise awareness against hunger. Source: Twitter (Note: Twitter account has been locked or suspended thus an archived image is used.)

Christmas pudding! Tube staff could buy these from London Transport’s Food Production Centre in Croydon late 1940s. Source: Twitter

Children’s Xmas on the Piccadilly Line in the 1940’s. Source: Twitter

Christmas Day party for the kids. Possibly the tunnels on the unfinished Central Line extension. Source: Twitter

Children decorate their tube station shelter during 1940. Could be Piccadilly Line? Source: Twitter

Tube Xmas poster 1935 by Clifford & Rosemary Ellis. Source: Twitter

All around the town by London’s Underground – Dudley Dyer, 1932. Source: Twitter

Xmas Greetings from LT. Charles Burton 1930. Source: Twitter (Note: Tweet has been deleted thus an archived image is used.)

Father Christmas giving LT a helping hand in the 1930s! Source: Twitter

A bit of a strange one this! Its Xmas shopping 1927. The scene seems to be based on the closed King William Street station with what looks like a old style Glasgow subway train added for effect. Source: Twitter

Spirit of Christmas 1925 by Richard Cooper. Source: Twitter

Underground carriage decorated for Xmas 1922. Source: Twitter (Note: Tweet has been deleted thus an archived image is used.)

New Year’s Eve tube services 1921. Trains finish at normal times unlike now! Source: Twitter

One of Mabel Lucie Attwell’s posters for the Underground. Christmas in Fairyland 1919. The only surviving example is in the Pushkin State museum, Russia. Source: Twitter

Toyland Xmas. 1914. Source: Twitter

Christmas comes but once a year… 1912. Source: Twitter

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  1. What a wonderful selection of photos and posters, thanks for sharing these with us. But four shillings and sixpence (22.5p) for a pudding – outrageous!

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