Jubilee Line goes full throttle!

TfL’s ‘Out and About’ (those off peak travel posters) have been transferred big time to a gigantic scale! It means the Jubilee Line has practically gone full throttle in terms of TfL’s ‘Wonderful World of Off Peak’ campaign. This campaign began last summer with great fanfare but so far has been restricted to mostly posters at stations and on platforms, as well as adverts in the media. This week TfL took its summer campaign a step further with huge versions based on the ‘Out and About’ posters created specially for Waterloo tube station.

Until last week you saw this. Now you don’t! The old advert for the Emirates Air Line.

This week these new gigantic Wonderful World of Off Peak/Out and About decals appeared on the Jubilee Line.

Previously in these spaces were adverts for the Emirates Air Line. At the time of writing just the western entrances to the Jubilee platforms themselves still has these. All the other locations have been replaced with the new Jubilee Line Out and About advertising.

A side view of the central advertising module on the main interchange level in Waterloo tube station.

TfL said of its campaign last summer it was:

To help people plan days out across London this summer, TfL has partnered with Time Out to create a new interactive cultural map of London highlighting cultural attractions close to more than 300 stations across London. A simple click on the stations highlighted on the map will reveal museums, art galleries and even street art near each station and plan a journey to the attractions using TfL’s Journey Planner. TfL has also expanded its range of printed cultural maps, which suggest everything from museums to parks and farms that you can visit all within a short walk or bus ride from Tube or London Overground stations across London.

With the launch of this campaign came these new posters for each tube line (except the Waterloo & City.)

TfL’s Out and About on the Jubilee Line. These posters were released in August 2018. Source: TfL (Flickr)

There’s a really big version of the Jubilee Line’s Out and About advert in the ticket hall at Waterloo. Previously this huge advertising space had the Emirates Airline on it. Its difficult to get it all in one shot hence this panorama view. Wembley Park and Baker Street to Stratford are the sections covered in the Out and About campaign.

Its somewhat a surprise despite this new initiative TfL has not made any announcements on its websites or on social media. That’s okay – I’ve now done the announcement – my bad lol!

Four of the old Emirates Airline adverts remain at the time of writing (8th February) at Jubilee Line platform level.

View of the new Jubilee Line Out & About adverts at platform level.

These are clearly updated ones. The original posters simply denoted the stations and places of interest along the Jubilee Line. These have extra levels of detail which is most helpful

Its difficult to render the colours properly because of platform lighting levels however I have done the best I can.

These big ones also show which stations have disability access, as these pictures show, which illustrates the Jubilee Line to its greatest advantage – being the tube line with the most accessible stations.

Disabled people are clearly taken into consideration in this new campaign.

I like how they have done the new adverts so that each place of interest gets an estimated time in terms of how long it takes to get there from the nearest tube station. Five minutes to the Royal Academy and ten minutes to the Tate Modern seem quite reasonable, though these are approximate average journeys.

Tate Modern – easily reached from Southwark tube station in about ten minutes.

There are some slight variations in the displays. Some show Southwark/the Tate Modern whilst others show instead Bond Street/the Wigmore Hall or Canary Wharf/the Museum of Docklands etc.

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