Crossrail's shit show continues….

Just a brief post as occupied with other matters… however the revelation comes that TfL KNEW of Crossrail’s inability to open in December 2018. It is apparently marked by these press releases that were issued from Crossrail Ltd to TfL for approval – and which were never published. The heading on the press release dated 17th August 2018 says “Elizabeth Line services through central London to start in 2019.”

Either the Mayor is apparently continuing to lie as some claim, which I can’t believe, but it is looking that way, or someone else is lying. Or the whole set-up is simply screwed, contrived, with no-one knowing what their side is doing or even answering properly to the other side.

It is a bad omen for the continued construction of Crossrail. We have already seen how obscure, how veiled, any information that comes out about Crossrail becomes, how both sides are throwing mud at each other and it just looks like the entire debacle is going to continue with no proper resolution in sight yet at the cost of many more millions.

The documents in question which give us the first sight TfL were in fact aware of the delays to Crossrail BEFORE the end of August 2018:

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