DSC 0493fi 1 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

On a visit to Victoria station 7th March to check the very controversial one way system in use, the new exhibition set up by TfL for the 8th March – International Womens Day – could not fail to be noticed. Some photographs were quickly taken on the 7th however I returned the next day, the actual day of celebration itself, and took photographs of every single poster in the new cross-station corridor that was built as part of the recent upgrade.

There are thirty posters, fifteen on each side of the corridor, with four introduction posters, two on each side of the corridor. I would have liked to have shown each and everyone of these interesting posters however instead I chose roughly a third of these plus views of the corridor in general to give even coverage of the exhibition itself.

DSC 0521 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

TfL’s explanation of its intentions to celebrate International Womens Day. Poster at the top of the escalators in Cardinal Place.

The means of choosing the different photograph of each portfolio poster was to open the first picture, which was an information poster, and then close my eyes, type space three times, press ‘s’ (for save), then enter and that saved the resulting image in a folder I had created for this purpose.

The three times was because the only numbers that could fit into fifteen are either three or five. Which meant I would likely get five selections from the fifteen on each side of the corridor. I ended up with nine actually. Two of those images were discounted as they were reflected in the corridor views which left seven main portfolios to show here.

DSC 0511 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Women of TfL. We hope you are inspired by these women as we are.

I was quite pleased when I looked at the results for it had a good cross section of minorities and different skills/staffing levels, which I think represented the various jobs quite well.

DSC 0405 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

View looking from the Cardinal Place end of the corridor with TfL’s info-poster visible on the left.

All of the posters have wise words and thoughts and I have posted those that are related to the pictures themselves.

I think there were some presentations at one or two other stations. Marylebone had a quote a lot of people liked, whilst there’s this about the Underground’s own Rail Chaplain, however Victoria was the main focus for International Womens Day.

DSC 0505 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

I would recommend project management… as a career due to the fact that there is a lot of satisfaction in working on exciting and challenging projects.

Last year there was a poster display at Cannon Street tube station. The gate line at Victoria tube station this year was managed entirely by women for part of the day itself.

DSC 0471 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Do not wait for opportunities to open up before you start preparing. Make sure you’re well prepared and ready when they do.

Victoria station was probably chosen because it already has a special display (in the District/Circle ticket hall) on female workers. One of those posters (in the correct District green, not blue like on those heritage posters at some other tube stations) is about Hannah Dadds, whom I am sure some of you will know was the first ever female driver to be employed by London Underground.

DSC 0476 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Setbacks will happen… Don’t let them affect your confidence. Be resilient as that is a major, yet often overlooked strength in itself.

DSC 0473 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Know your stuff. Be knowledgeable and couple that with experience and good working relationships with your team and your stakeholders.

DSC 0509 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Don’t be afraid to show your passion for what you do. In my job I get to shape London’s development and I want to inspire other women to use their talent to make our city better.

DSC 0490 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Strive for the things that you want… The confidence to do so comes from within, don’t question if you are worthy of the opportunities that come to you, realise your true potential and have your say.

DSC 0498 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Each one of my colleagues are different which helps with the team’s dynamic and makes for a good working environment. I enjoy working at my station as we have females working on all grades which shows how diverse the company is.

DSC 0482 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

I wish I’d been told its okay to have no idea what you want to do…. Often you need to figure out what you don’t want to do first, and the rest falls into place…

DSC 0508 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Sometimes it can be daunting when you are the only woman in the room but be confident in your abilities and be yourself.

DSC 0494 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

If you see a role you feel like you want go for it. Gain the knowledge and confidence from doing interviews and assessments. Even if you fail you will be better the next time around.

DSC 0496 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Build yourself a strong support network… take opportunities to broaden your experience. be assertive and always deliver your message with confidence.

DSC 0488 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

Its okay to be uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.

The International Womens Day exhibition is at Victoria tube station for a month.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Is it possible you could share the full set of photos of the posters? (Perhaps over email or on Google Drive etc?)

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